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What is “A-” Fitness?

The A- Fitness concept is simple:

Do enough throughout the year to be able to give yourself a 90% grade. You don’t need to be constantly training for a marathon, bodybuilding competition, or magazine cover shoot to be in good shape and live a healthy lifestyle.

I don’t have a problem with marathons or physique competitions, they’re just not for me.

We do not have a crisis resulting from a shortage of supermodels and men with six-pack abs in the world.

We have a crisis where the majority of people in the United States are overweight or obese.

Most fitness advertising is presented to us like this:

Get totally ripped!

Get huge!

Look like a movie star!

Get jacked!

Look like a model!

Again, I’m not opposed that. I’ve even been “ripped” at one point in my life. But the quest to get ripped (huge, jacked, supermodel-esque) can often lead to disappointment. I touched on my own struggle with this in an article you can read by clicking here.

And a lot of times, this quest ends in failure. We go for the A+ all year, but it ends up something like this:

January: 110/100, A+

February: 100/100, A

March: 70/100, C-

April 50/100, F

May 50/100, F

June, 0/100, F

July through December: A lot of failed efforts with some half-assed attempts at exercise. Average score 40/100

Grade for the year: F

Believe me, I’ve been on that plan. I go into that in a little more detail in this blog post (CLICK to read it).

Anymore, I strive for an A- as my total grade for the year. I might workout hard for a few months and give myself an “A” grade. But even as a fitness pro, I get busy and I’m not always ready to train that hard. So I back off a little. The trick in this lies in not going below a B- during the year.

Some months my fitness level is 100/100. Some months it is 80/100. It never will be below 75/100. This gives me about an A- by the time the year is said and done.

And where does that get me? Well, I lost about 60 pounds with this method. I can do a considerable amount of pull ups and push ups. I can run several miles without feeling like I’m going to puke or die. I can bench press, squat, and deadlift well over my body weight. I can play with my kids without getting winded. My stamina and libido are well intact. My energy levels are great. I sleep well. I know, it’s not quite as cool as boasting the almighty six-pack abs, but oh well.

The biggest thing for me is that this is sustainable. I don’t feel like I have to skip cake on my birthday (or any of my kids’ birthdays). I don’t feel deprived. I don’t feel guilty.

There was a time when I felt like a serious failure when I was not at the A+ level. What kind of fitness professional eats cake, doesn’t count macros, and skips workouts? This guy does. And I used to beat myself up over it. Not anymore.

My name is Glen, and on a scale of 1 to 10, I give my fitness level a 9. An “A-” Come, join me…




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