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Train and Play™ Tips

Here are a few quick tips to modify the Train and Play workouts

Push up progression:


Bench (or other elevated, stable structure)


Standard Push Up

Pull Up Progression:

Chair -assisted (close)

Chair-assisted (far)

Jump Assist

Pull Up Assist Band

Standard Pull Up

Dip Progression:

On Floor

Single Leg On Floor

On Bench/Chair, Feet Close

On Bench/Chair, Feet Far

Squat Progression:

Modified Squat (not very deep)

Pole-assisted or Doorway-assisted Squat

Chair-height Squat

Pole-assisted Deep Squat (come down to “Chair-height Squat”, then use pole to go a little deeper)

Deep Squat

Lunge Progression:

Shorter Step

Shorter Step, Deep

Step Further Out

Step Further Out, Deep

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