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Today’s Workout: Upper Body Supersets

I got behind and missed posting the workout yesterday. Oops.


And I was thinking of something witty to say to go along with today’s workout, but I got nothing.


Without further ado, here is my workout for today (yesterday):


Upper Body Supersets

Incline Bench Press

Diamond Push Ups (hands on bench)


Pull ups (straight sets)

SS w/Dips (on dip bar)

SS w/ 3 Shoulder Fly (lying on stability ball)

(3 set superset)


Military Press (shoulder press) with Dumbbells

Alternating Biceps Curls with Dumbbells


I did 3 sets of each, targeting 10 reps per set, except on pull ups which I did max reps.


I did this one in about 30 minutes because I was short on time. I like to get a whole 1-hour workout everyday, but that doesn’t always work. 30 minutes beats the heck out of skipping.


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