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Today’s Workout (or non-workout)


Deep Portland Thoughts

I have the all-important rest day on my plate today.


This afternoon I took a drive to Portland to get ready for a fitness conference workshop sort of thing.


Here with four of my friends/colleagues – all of us fitness pros – we went out for some Mexican food (like fitness pros do). After indulging in the Northwestern Southwestern cuisine, some of us grabbed some frozen yogurt on the way back to the hotel.


I’m pretty sure everything I ate was healthy, not because I checked the nutritional content or anything, just because it was all consumed in Portland and numerous studies have shown that “if it’s in Portland, it is healthy (or at least USDA organic, or Portland organic).” You also burn more calories when exercising in Portland too, so I’m good to go.


Tomorrow (Sunday) is my off day from writing, but I’ll be back next week, possibly with some fresh material that I pick up from this conference.

For now, it’s time for bed. A nice glass of Portland organic water and I’m out.

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