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To be Fat or Not: The Choice is Yours’

Do you have a choice in being overweight? YES! As someone that has been quite a bit overweight in the past, this is something that I can weigh in on (drum, drum, cymbal-crash) with some personal knowledge and experience. If you are one of the over 100 million people in this country that is considered obese, how did you get there? Is it your fault? Well, kind of. There are many factors that contribute to obesity including:

The change in America’s food supply (artificial sugars, genetically engineered food, fast food, and more)

Inactivity through lack of physical education, decreased labor jobs, and electronic entertainment among other factors

Poor diet through food choices

Genetics – some people have slower metabolism, thyroid problems, etc.

How do you combat obesity? Chances are that answer already popped in your head. Diet/Nutrition and exercise. There is no secret here.  What about if I have a thyroid condition? What if I have a genetic issue?

There is good news!

Glen 50+ pounds ago

Glen 50+ pounds ago

I have yet to see a person that whole-heartedly sticks with proper nutrition and exercise not get great results over the course of a year. I have seen people with MS, cancer, diabetes, and other health issues all make amazing physical transformations – and you can too. But you do have to make the choice. Often times the choice to stick to a diet and exercise program seems overwhelming, but more times than not just a few changes in your lifestyle can show big improvements.

Choose whole foods over processed foods

Choose an apple over a candy bar

Choose 30 minutes of exercise over 30 minutes of TV

Invest in healthy snacks and supplements over candy, coffee, and soda.

All of these choices are easy. They are easy to do, and easy not to do. The choice is yours. Among all the junk food, video games, and lethargy exists nutritious foods, workout programs, and energy. What is your choice?

Visit Glen’s site to make the choice to get in shape and lose weight.

Stay tuned for my video blog series “Living a Healthy Life (and staying with it!)” where I give tips on how to engage in healthy lifestyle for the long-term.



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