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Sometimes I think I’m a Badass, then I watch a Bruce Lee Video

Published on April 6, 2015 by in Uncategorized

Every now and then, I think I am pretty hardcore. I’ll crank out a personal record on my bench press or pull up reps. I’ll look in the mirror with my shirt off and flex. Then I’ll do some shadow boxing with my shirt off – still looking in the mirror. As my wife drools at my physique and my kids admire their superhero of a dad, I feel pretty damn good about myself.


Then I watch something like this:


I say to myself, “I could totally do that.” Or at least something half as cool.


Okay, maybe not.


Then I realize my shadow boxing skills are maybe not that impressive. Darn.


Because Bruce Lee was the epitome of badass.


And not many will ever reach that level of badass, including me.


But then I realize that I am in good company with the other 4.47 billion men on Earth that are not as badass as Bruce Lee.


So I guess I’m in good company.


I can keep trying to be the most badass dad I can be in other ways like playing ball with the kids and showing them how to do push ups. And then I can be inspired by Bruce Lee to do hard things. Things that push my own personal boundaries. Things that make me better in the gym, and better as a person.

Thank you Bruce Lee, for inspiring badassery across the globe.

P.S. My wife does not really drool when I shadow box

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