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Solving the College Football Mess

Most people know me as a personal trainer and fitness guy, but what they don’t know is that I double as the guy that solved the mess that is college football. Next year the FBS division is going to a 4 team playoff system which is somehow supposed to be better and more fair than the current 2 team playoff system known as the BCS. We can do away with all of that with my solution. I welcome you to Glen Gosch’s New Rules for College Football.


New Rule #1: No mid-year charity games for SEC conference schools (or any other FBS conference)


The Crimson Tide will no longer be able to play Saint Mary’s School for the Blind in week 10.


Okay, now that I have offended some ‘Bama fans. I’ll put my sarcasm aside. With that said, The Tide will no longer to be able to Roll Tide Roll over teams like the Chattanooga Mocs (8-4, Southern Division) past week 3 of the regular season (Chattanooga was played by Alabama in 2013 during week 11). The new rule states you must play big-boy football after week 3 (or game 3).


Glen Gosch Rule 1.1 – FBS teams shall be permitted to play non-FBS teams in the team’s first three (3) games.  There may be no more than two (2) games against non-FBS schools. Games played from the 4th game of the season through the playoffs may only be against FBS opponents.


New Rule #2 Mandatory Conference Championship Games


For years the SEC and the Big 12 have held conference championships. Recently the PAC-12 and Big 10 have caught on too. Now every conference must have a championship game. No more coasting into the playoffs (formerly known as bowl season) by taking a week off.



Rule 1.2 – All FBS schools must be a part of a conference (even Notre Dame) and play in a conference championship game. Winners of each conference will be entered into the playoffs.


New Rule #3 – Voting decides seeding for playoff games and Wild Card entries to the playoffs


What would college sports be without voting? Rational? Fair? Unbiased?


We get to keep voting from the two major polls and the computer. Voting begins pre-season (we’ll keep a few traditions alive).


Why do we need voting with playoffs? Voting will determine both seeding for the playoffs for division and the entry of “Wild Card” teams to the playoffs. The highest ranked teams that did not win their conference will be placed into Wild Card games.


Rule 1.3a Voting will determine seeding for FBS playoffs


Rule 1.3b Voting will determine entry to Wild Card games. Highest ranked teams that did not win their conference championship will be entered.


New Rule #4 Playoff Brackets, Wild Card Games, Bowl Games, Championship Game


2nd week of Dec 3rd week of Dec 4th week of Dec   2nd  week of Jan   4th week of Dec 3rd week of Dec 2ndweek of Dec
1 seed               2 seed
Bye 1           2 Bye
  Rose           Sugar  
9 seed 9/7           8/10 10 seed
7 seed               8 seed
    West Champ.   National Champ.   East Champ.    
WC1               WC2
5 seed WC/5           WC/6 6 seed
  Fiesta           Orange  
WC3 WC/3           WC/4 WC4
3 seed               4 seed


The top ranked conference champions earn a bye.


The next 8 conference champions are seeded according to rank in polls.


The wild card teams are seeded according to rank in polls.


If other schools would like to play meaningless bowl games which cost schools money, they may choose to.


The 10 conference champions and 4 Wild Card teams will play a real (meaningful) playoff.


The Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Orange Bowl remain as college football’s final four.


Winner of Rose Bowl plays winner of Fiesta Bowl for Western Championship. Winner of Sugar Bowl plays winner of Orange Bowl for Eastern Championship. Winner of Eastern Championship plays winner of Western Championship for the College Football Championship Game.


We still have bowls, we still have voting and polls, and we even have a real playoff.


You are welcome college football, you are very welcome – my fee for this service is lifetime admission to the College Football Championship Game.

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