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So, you want abs like an athlete?

lose weightWhat I’m about to tell is exactly what the fitness industry does not want you to hear.


The thing is, some people have a really hard time revealing their abs. Like really, really hard.


Undoubtedly you’ve seen the ad campaigns:


Easily lose belly fat

Get ripped fast

Get super duper ripped, super duper fast


It doesn’t happen like that (too often)


Quite frankly, it kinda ticks me off. People try to get ripped in 4 weeks and when it doesn’t happen they are left to think, “What am I doing wrong?”


Because a lot of the fitness industry thinks you suck if you don’t have abs showing.


Maybe you’ve even thought you were not successful with your workouts and diet because you don’t have abs like an athlete.


Here’s the truth about abs though:


Sometimes even athletes don’t have abs.


Take this guy for example:



His name is Daniel Cormier. He is the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, and obviously some sort of loser because he is not totally ripped. <<Sarcasm ALERT.


But seriously what is he doing wrong? Why isn’t he ripped?


Does his training plan suck?

Probably not. He is in fact the UFC Champion. He trains with some of the best trainers in the world.


Does his diet suck?

Probably not. When I was watching the weigh-ins on TV they were saying that he had a someone tracking his every meal so he could make weight. You see, the champ used to fight in the heavyweight division. He had to drop 40 pounds to fight at the light heavyweight division!


Think about that.


A professional fighter drops 40 pounds is still not ripped, jacked, and shredded bruh.


That’s okay with me.


Even some pro athletes don’t have the perfect body.


Don’t worry about being perfect.


Worry about being healthy.


If you need to lose 40 pounds, the by all means get after it!


Just don’t feel like a loser if you don’t look like a chiseled fitness model.



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