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How to Be the Coolest Person in the Gym with One Exercise

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Figure 2

Figure 2

One of the best ways to accomplish gym coolness is to master the most difficult exercise in the gym. You might be asking, “What is the most difficult exercise in the gym?” Is it the pull up? Maybe even the muscle up? While pull ups and muscle ups are no easy task, they are not the most difficult. Turkish get ups can be pretty hard, but they aren’t number one. Burpees are child’s play compared to this extraordinary feat of physical endurance, mental toughness, and even respect. I am of course talking about the weight re-stack.


I have been studying the weight re-stack since 1996 after I got my first gym membership, and back then I was fortunate enough to have someone take me under his wing and show me how to re-stack my weights. I don’t mean to brag (okay, maybe a little), but I actually perfected the move fairly quickly.


I know – others aren’t so fortunate.


I’ve been a member of 24 Hour Fitness, YMCA, and more recently the Tri City Court Club, and at each of these locations I’ve seen people struggle with the weight re-stack. I’ve seen everything, including 60-pound dumbbells stacked where the 15’s are supposed to go. Tragic. I’ve even seen a 45 plate on the top rack of a weight tree. One of the worst ones I’ve seen is the one where a guy leaves a 100 pound plate on a machine (I know some of you cringed just reading that, believe me, I know).


Do you (or someone you know) struggle with re-stacking weights? There’s good news. Even if you’ve struggled with stacking weights in the past, even if you haven’t re-stacked a weight since high school, even if you have never re-stacked a weight in your life – there IS hope.


You don’t have to ever go back to leaving weights on floor.


Say goodbye to worrying about people judging you for leaving your plates on the squat rack.


No more sleepless nights thinking, “Did I put that weight in the right spot?”


No more of any these!


Introducing Glen Gosch’s Weight Re-stacking Transformation System


Stack weights like a beast!


Impress your friends and other gym members!


Restore your confidence in re-stacking!


Real and proven weight re-stacking methods guaranteed!


Normally this system would cost $497, but for a limited time I am GIVING AWAY my complete weight re-stacking system. That’s right. No credit card required, no obligation, and no hidden costs. It’s absolutely, 100% FREE here on glengoschfitness.com. No catch. No fine print. Seriously. This is my gift to you.


$497 FREE


Keep reading to get my weight re-stacking system for FREE.


I’m actually going to reveal my complete system right on this page.


Without further ado, the Weight Re-stacking Transformation System


Let me first outline my patented 3-step formula for re-stacking weight. With this 3-step plan you’ll be crowned King of the Gym or Queen of the Gym in record time.


Step 1: Rack your weights

Most people get this step mastered fairly quickly. It is simple. Find the amount of weight you need to use and put it one the piece of equipment you need to use. This includes (but is not limited to) a barbell bench press, a Smith machine, a squat rack, or any machine that requires weight racking.


Step: 2 Use your weights

Once your weight is racked on the piece of equipment you will be using, you can go ahead and lift the weights. If you are doing a bench press you will “press” the weight; if you are doing a row you will “row” or “pull” the weight; if you are doing squats you will “squat” or “lower” the weight. All of these moves will be collectively referred to as a “lift.” Most people do okay on this step too, but it is not completely foolproof. Before the lift, some people get distracted. It might be a chatty friend, a lifting partner who talks more than lifts, a game on TV, or something else. The key here is to not let any distractions deter you from the ultimate goal: The Lift. If you prevent, or minimize distractions during your lifts, you will have plenty of time to re-stack.


Step 3: Re-stack your weights

“Put your toys away when you’re done with them” – My Mom

WARNING: This is where most people fail. So we will spend the most time on this step.

Once you are done with your weights – meaning that you have finished all of the sets and reps of your lift – it is now time to re-stack the weights.


Take a look at the pictures below to see some real-life before and after pictures.


Figure 1

You’ll notice in Figure 1 that there are a few things going on with this Smith machine: (1) The weights were left on the bar. (2) Not only were the weights left on the bar, but the weights left on the bar were 45 pound plates – weights that not everybody can lift easily. (3) The weights that are re-stacked are in the wrong place. For example: a 45 pound plate left on a spot clearly labeled “25.”

Figure 2 is a demonstration of what a properly stacked Smith Machine looks like: Note: The weights line up with the label on the rack.

Figure 2

Figure 2

Figures 3 and 4 show a row machine before and after being re-stacked.

Figure 3: Before

Figure 3: Before

Figure 4: After

Figure 4: After

What do you do when there is nowhere to stack the weights on the machine you are using? This where the “tree” comes into effect (see figure 5). Sometimes trees are labeled, but if not, a general rule is the heavier weights go on the bottom of the tree and the lighter weights go on top.

Figure 5

Figure 5

Figure number 6 demonstrates another common mistake: re-stacking improperly. You’ll notice how there are multiple varieties of weights on the same rack bar. This often times creates a domino effect where new gym members get confused about where to stack weights. Re-stacking in this fashion happens sometimes because the person who previously used the machine put the weights in the wrong spot. Now it’s your turn, and if you are short on time, the last thing you want to do is re-stack someone else’s weights and eat into your own workout time. I get that. In this case you can be a good Samaritan and re-stack the previous person’s weights, or just re-stack as best as you can. Someone from the gym staff may be able to straighten things out when cleaning up the weight room.

Figure 6

Figure 6


One of the biggest fouls in the gym is to leave a 100 pound plate laying around or leaving it on a machine. A limited portion of the population can actually put away a 100 pound plate safely. Not every gym has 100 pound plates, but if your gym carries them, be considerate and put them away when your are finished.


Common re-stacking myths


Myth #1: When you are done with your weights, you can just leave them racked assuming someone else will use them. It is dangerous to assume things. You know the old saying: “assume” makes an ass out of “u” and “me.” So let’s not assume anything. The reality that the next person using your machine will be using the exact same weight as you is slim-to-none.


Myth #2: If you leave your weights racked The Weight Fairy or The Re-stack Elves will come in the middle of the night and re-stack the weights for you. I’m going to need you to sit down for this one. Are you sitting? Okay (deep breath). The Weight Fairy is not real. The Re-stack elves are not real. Neither is the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Sorry.


Myth #3: It is the job of the gym staff to re-stack the weights. There is some truth to this, but some people get carried away with this thought. Think of it like this: You wouldn’t throw trash all over your front yard and expect the garbage man to clean it up, right? Even though, it is the garbage man’s job to pick up trash, that does not give you the right to litter. The same thing applies in the gym. Sometimes mistakes are made and someone really forgets to put something away, and sometimes a weight is re-stacked in the wrong place. Things happen. But deliberately leaving weights laying around or leaving them racked on a machine when they are not being used is generally regarded as not cool.


Putting it into action:


It’s one thing to know how to re-stack weights; it’s another thing to actually do it. My challenge to you is not to just think about this. – go and out and put it into action. Don’t fall into the trap of telling yourself, “Someday I’ll re-stack my weights.” Forget someday! The time to start re-stacking is now! Become the coolest person in the gym by re-stacking your weights today.


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Helping the world re-stack, one weight at a time – Glen Gosch Fitness Mission Statement (not really).

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