BM(Freaking)I – How accurate is the Body Mass Index?

UntitledThe Body Mass Index (BMI) chart is used to gauge a healthy weight for people and used by a lot of doctor’s offices, personal trainers, dieticians, and other health professionals, but is the BMI flawed? How accurate is the BMI chart, and should you use it to determine your level of health?


What is BMI?


BMI is a calculation to determine one’s healthy weight by taking into account height vs. weight. The calculation is then compared on a chart to determine if you are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese.


Here is how you can calculate BMI: Read more…

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Politically Correct and Incorrect Nutrition: What should I eat?

Published on January 5, 2014 by in Healthy Eating

I am hungry and I need something to eat, but with everything that I have read on the Internet lately about diet and nutrition I am just not sure what I should have. Let’s think this through:


First, I heard that you should drink water before each meal, so I need to get a bottle of Aquafina – no wait, bottled water is bad for the environment because of all the waste and pollution. Tap water it is. No, not tap water, I almost forgot: tap water has chemicals and fluoride and stuff in it, so a no go on that. Maybe I should get one of those R/O (reverse osmosis) systems installed; second thought, R/O water is stripped of all the minerals that my body needs. Maybe I’ll go Paleo with my water and drink like a caveman. I’ll find the nearest stream and I can capture some water in a stone cup – but wait, what if the water is tainted with bacteria or animal feces or something? I can bring the water home and boil it, or maybe even sanitize it over a fire to save gas. But will the smoke from the fire pollute the air? Maybe I’ll pray for some rain and stand outside with my mouth open.


Okay, now I need to be sure that I have a good balance of protein, fat, and carbs in my meal.


Protein: I think I’d like a steak. Or was steak bad for you? According to Read more…

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Solving the College Football Mess

Most people know me as a personal trainer and fitness guy, but what they don’t know is that I double as the guy that solved the mess that is college football. Next year the FBS division is going to a 4 team playoff system which is somehow supposed to be better and more fair than the current 2 team playoff system known as the BCS. We can do away with all of that with my solution. I welcome you to Glen Gosch’s New Rules for College Football.


New Rule #1: No mid-year charity games for SEC conference schools (or any other FBS conference)


The Crimson Tide will no longer be able to play Saint Mary’s School for the Blind in week 10.


Okay, now that I have offended some ‘Bama fans. I’ll put my sarcasm aside. Read more…

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My Fitness Can Beat Up Your Fitness

Sibling RivalryI think it’s comical when I am browsing the Internet – and this includes Facebook, blogs, and online magazine articles – and I find all of these opinions on how certain types of fitness concepts are wrong while another type of fitness reigns supreme. Do this, don’t do that. My fitness can beat up your fitness. My fitness can piss further than your fitness. Or something like that. Here is some of what I have found.


You shouldn’t do P90X because:


It doesn’t work, no one actually finishes it, those infomercial pictures are fake, nobody gets ripped like that in 90 days, and you don’t need a set of DVDs to get in shape.


You shouldn’t do CrossFit because:


It’s hard on your body, you have a 95% chance of Read more…

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Pooh Foot from “Gym Wind”

Published on December 30, 2013 by in Just for fun

GymWindCoverThe response for my second book Gym Wind, Indecent Exposures, and Other Short Stories has been great so far! Here is what one reader had to say:

“I’m going to have to encourage you to write more, thank you for the chuckles thus far good job :D:D”

So I bring you my last preview into the book here on the blog with a short story titled “Pooh Foot”. You can check out another chapter here and here. If you want the whole book, you will have to fork over an entire 99 cents over on


“Pooh Foot”


When reading the title Pooh Foot, you might be thinking this has something to do with stepping in poop; it does – sort of. I’m 19 years old and still living in Southern California during this story. Or is it more of cautionary tale?




Just a few more sets of my workout before I head for the showers. It’s Friday night, the gym is dead – apparently the rest of Southern California has something better to do on this Friday night instead of pumping iron. And I probably do too. I could sit in on the freeway for three and half hours trying to cram through North Los Angeles traffic with 10 million other people on Christmas Eve to try and get back to Temecula to visit my parents and siblings for the holidays. Instead I decide to waste a couple of hours here to let traffic die down before I head to the parents’ house. This cuts my drive time in half by hitting the freeways after rush hour.


Besides, working out here gives me some time to blow off some steam. I think it’s possibly more productive to release anger by slinging iron around then Read more…

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A Cast of Characters: From the Book Gym Wind

Published on December 29, 2013 by in Just for fun

GymWindCoverOn the heels of my last post about gym experiences, today I bring you another short story from my gym going days, which is also a chapter in my new book Gym Wind, Indecent Exposure, and Other Short Stories available for download on

“A Cast of Characters”

Do you ever give people that you have never met before nicknames? I think we all do to some degree, maybe not completely formal names, but we tend to put labels on those we run across. Easy ones are The Mailman, The Yard Guy, The UPS Guy, The Paper Boy, The Weather Man, etc. I have also had some less-traditional ones around town: Graveyard Gas Station Girl (not to be confused with Swing Shift Gas Station Girl), Taco Guy, Lunch Truck Dude, and Hot Dog Lady to name a few. These are all essentially names I have given to those whose names I would not normally bother to ask. The gym floor is no different. In my early gym years I had quite the cast of characters that I would encounter.


This chapter is a collection and description of 3 different people I came across in the gym as a teenager. I encountered each one on different days, but each one I would see regularly during my workout sessions with my workout partner Ryan. I was seventeen at the time, living with my parents in a city called Temecula in Southern California.




There are a few different types of people you will run into at the gym; scratch that – there are a few different attitudes you will run into at the gym. Some are cool, and some are, well, let’s just call them not cool to keep it clean. The cool people make the gym a fun place to go spend an hour or two. They’ll give you a spot when you need one. They’ll provide just a little conversation in between sets of your exercises – just a little, the right amount – not a ramble that extends your rest time in-between sets to screw up your routine. They are not the know-it-all-types that blab and try to use big words to sound smart and be crowned King of the Gym. No, the Cool Guys will give you a quick, “How about them Lakers” and then let you get back to lifting. They’ll share equipment, rub yourshoulders Read more…

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Indecent Exposure at the Gym

This is a story from my gym going days. I was 18 (maybe 19) at the time and I tell the story as it happened. In it, I get some exposure I am not expecting.


I had a long day at work, which was really a normal day because all of my workdays on the construction site are long. Construction work, especially the kind of construction I do, is one of those professions were you need to take a shower before you go to the gym. So after 10 hours of pushing dirt around with the old John Deere 550 bulldozer; after 10 hours ingesting diesel fumes; after 10 hours of taking a dust bath courtesy of the Santa Clarita, California winds it was time to head home for my pre-workout procedures.


Journey to the Gym – Detour #1: The Apartment.


I head for home, red light, after green light, after yellow light, after freeway overpass, after yellow light, after red light, after freeway underpass, after red light, after (another stinkin’) red light. After the daily 12-round fight with California Traffic (which I enter as the 40:1 underdog regularly) is finally over, I am home, sort of. I look for a parking space on the street of the apartment complex because apparently whoever designed this place figured only every third resident would own a vehicle. One bonus of being a heavy equipment operator is that after driving big machinery all day parking a little Ford Ranger is like parking a bicycle.  I parallel park the truck into a Geo Metro-sized spot (yeah, Geo Metro – it’s 1998).


A truck door slam, a quick hike through the apartment complex, and home I am at 6:00. Barely time for chitchat with the roommates, and then it’s time for my first shower of the day:  The 3-minute Dust Removal Rinse. This is just a quick Read more…

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I have not always been fit

Though I am now a This_was_me2personal trainer, eat well, and have a low body fat percentage  – I was not always walking like I walk today.

In January of 2010 I was walking around at close to 215 pounds. I wasn’t overweight, but it turns out, being 5’ 8” tall, I was just about 6 ½ inches too short. Okay, I was fat. Yeah fat, not overweight, let’s not sugarcoat it. I remember lying on my Nevada driver’s license application and wrote down a weight of 190 lbs. “I am not going to be 210+ for long,” I thought. And I wasn’t.

Later in 2010 I made some changes. It started when I was working a graveyard shift and saw an infomercial for one of these “extreme” fitness programs. Guys getting ripped in 90 days. Women dropping pounds of fat in record time. I was sold. I gave the program a try.

After a few weeks of doing the workouts I was having some phenomenal results. It looked like this was really going to work. In no time I would actually match the 190 pounds on my driver’s license. Woo hoo! Only I let some things get in the way. My schedule at work changed. Kids started afterschool sports. Time was getting the better of me. My workouts fizzled. My weight loss efforts fizzled too.

A couple of months later I saw another infomercial. Same guy from the extreme fitness commercial, only this time he promised to get me in shape in just 10 minutes a day. A gimmick? Read more…

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A Few Tips to NOT Ruin your Diet with Thanksgiving

You have a few options on Thursday (and the rest of the weekend) when it comes to eating:

1. Pig out. Put on a few pounds and get pregnant with a food baby which will take several workout sessions and calorie restrictions to deliver. Spend the following week repairing the Thanksgiving weekend debacle.

2. Eat completely clean. Pie? No thank you. Gravy? Yeah, right! A cocktail? No way. Pass the flatbread (no butter), turkey (no added salt), steamed broccoli, and chase it with a glass of distilled water.

Or Read more…

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Confession: I drank the Kool Aid

Yeah, I’ve drank the Kool Aid. More than once. Since I got into weightlifting and working out beyond traditional team sports when I was 16 years old, I’ve tried all sorts of diets, supplements, cleanses – you name it. The new scientific breakthrough in sports nutrition. The ultimate fat burning pill. The muscle building supplement that rivals anabolic steroids. I’ve tried some supplements with success, and tried others that were duds, and even tried some that were harmful. Now that I am a little older (okay, a lot older) and quite a bit wiser (okay, a little more wise) I am a much more cautious of what I put into my body. Maybe some of what I have learned can help you to avoid some of the mistakes I have made.

Mistake #1 – Believing magazine ads, labels, and claims from supplement companies.  Hey, a company can’t make outrageous claims about a product that doesn’t work, right? That’s false advertising. Wrong. There are several supplements that claim they have products that do this and that – build muscle, burn fat, boost testosterone, give you energy, etc. The truth is that many of these claims are based off of bad science or incomplete science – in other words, no long-term trials to test effectiveness, side effects, and such.

Mistake #2 Read more…

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