Guest Blog: Are You Like a Bull In a China Shop?

meditateGood news! Lore Earley is back this week with another great post. Her last post on the site was awesome, and it looks like for the time-being she will be making some regular contributions to the blog roll here. I learned something new with her post today, I’m sure you will too. Enjoy!

Are You Like a Bull In a China Shop?

By:  Lore Earley

Exercise is meant to create balance.  It is supposed to work with your individual design to strengthen, tone, de-stress, and maybe even quiet the busy mind.  Does your exercise match your persona?  Is it helping you, or keeping you off-kilter?


According to Ayurveda, a form of natural healing and ‘science of life’ originating in India, people generally fall into one of three Doshas: Pitta, Vata, Kapha.  The Doshas refer to primary forces of energy.  Usually we are predominantly one and have a touch of another within us as it is rare for someone to be a true Kapha or true Vata, for example.


Knowing your Dosha type is actually very helpful when it comes to determining the kind of exercise that will bring you the most balance and bang for your buck.


The Bulls


Let’s talk Pitta. Read more…

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Start eating right by watching this 1 thing

SugarTHE one thing to watch in your diet:

Okay there might be more than one thing to watch, but if you needed to just start on one thing, here it is: SUGAR.

Surf the web right now for diet hacks, diet plans, diet laws, diet theories, diet gospel and what-have-you and you will find all kinds of conflicting statements. Don’t eat meat, don’t eat grains, count calories, don’t count calories, and so on.

One thing that is taught universally is low sugar consumption. Most sugar and sugary foods cause a response in the body that triggers fat production. Other foods that trigger a strong insulin response such as white bread, white potatoes, and instant rice have a similar effect. This essentially happens because sugar digests rapidly and needs a place to go. As with any food (or calorie) that enters the body, it needs to be used (burned off during activity) or stored in the body temporarily as sugar which will convert to fat if not used.

Don’t just take my word for it! Look up sugar and the effects it has on the body. See what you find.

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Have You Hit Your Goal this Year?

Published on September 26, 2013 by in Motivation

Did you set a goal this past January and hit it this year? If so, great! If not, it’s time to get going on it! A lot of us tend to set goals in January for the New Year, but for whatever reason we don’t take the steps to make it happen. If that is the case, there is no better time to get started on an old unaccomplished goal (or even start a new one) in the month of September. Why September? Why not? Today is just like any other day, you have the power to turn things around on any day, any time of the year.

What if you don’t? Read more…

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Hey Glen: I Need to Gain Weight!

“I don’t need to lose weight, I need to gain weight. How can I do that? I need advice!”

In my writings I talk a lot about weight loss because, well, a lot of people want and need to lose weight. But there are those among us that struggle with putting weight on. I feel your pain. When I started lifting weights I would lift darn near what some of the bodybuilders were lifting and it seemed like I was half the size of them. So how do we go from lean to muscular? Here we go…

Here are the basics:

Lift heavy weights with a rep count of 6 to 12 on most exercises.

Eat an adequate amount of protein.

Eat a Read more…

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Do You Really Know Your Fitness Goal?

finishline“See the Finish Line”


Often times people set goals and don’t see them through. There is an ugly rumor going around that even I have done this. Regardless of the past, I’ve learned some ways to combat the “Commit to lose weight and then just forget about it” routine. One way is to set definitive goals and have a plan with a fitness routine.


Imagine this scenario:  There’s a 1500 meter race about to happen. The contestants of the race line up on what seems like the starting line and they notice that there are no lines to mark where each runner is to start in his own lane. In fact, there isn’t even any clear marking to know where the edge of the track is at – it’s just a big open field. There isn’t any way to know where to go and where they will finish – no finish line. Now an organizer of the race steps up and says, “When I shoot this gun, just run 1500 meters in which ever way you choose. When you are done, after you have run 1500 meters, the race is over, and we will declare a winner.”


A vague sense of a starting point.

No sense of direction.

No way to keep track of progress.

No finish line in site.


Wouldn’t this work out better if each runner knew exactly where he was going with a clearly marked path? How about a way to know where the beginning, middle, and end of the race is at? And what about a nice, clearly marked finish line? That sounds a lot better, right?


Unfortunately the first scenario is the mentality at which most people’s goals are set.


I am going to lose weight.

I need to get in shape.


Some are slightly better.


I want to lose 20 pounds.

I want be able to do 25 push ups again.


What about setting a better goal?


I am going to lose 20 pounds before Christmas to look good before I go on vacation. I am going start working out 3 days per week this week. In October I will bump it up to 5 days per week with circuit strength training 3 times per week, and some cardio 2 days per week. By Thanksgiving I need to be down between 10 and 15 pounds and not splurge to hinder my diet efforts. When I head to Hawaii for Christmas I will look great being 20 pounds lighter!


Well that sounds like a more determined goal. One that is specific, measurable, and valuable. One that provides motivation and has a clear starting point, course to follow, and a finish line, so-to-speak.


Give it try – even if you are not going to Hawaii this Christmas. Create a vivid picture of what you want to accomplish with exercise and how you will go about it. Reach your goals and have fun doing it!


Here’s another tip: write it out. Don’t imagine your finish line and your track; make it something you can see. Schedule workout time on a calendar. Write down your goal and remind yourself of it all the time. Track your progress as you are going. Keep your mind and body moving toward your fitness goal at all times.

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Motivational Poetry: It’s Too Easy

Well, shucks. The response to these little poems/posts has been great, so I am going to keep bringing them each week. Who knows, maybe a couple of years down the road I’ll put them poetryall into a book? We’ll see. For now, here’s another one:

It’s Too Easy


Easy to

Easy not to

Easy to do

Easy not to do

Easy to laugh, smile, rejoice

Easy to cry Read more…

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Did You Know this about Your Core?

Woman Doing Sit-ups --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisCore: It’s not Just for Building Six Pack Abs


Often times people think of core muscles and core exercises as the muscles that make up the torso and the exercises that work this area respectively. While this is true, the core is better defined as the muscles in and around the hips and spine and the muscles that connect the hips and spine to the extremities. Working the core does not simply mean doing abdominal, oblique, and lower back exercises. To get a strong core we need to work all of the muscles that make up the core. This is important because a strong core is not only sexy, it also serves as the foundation of all human movement. A strong core means better performance, better balance, better posture, and yeah – if you eat right too – better abs.


To understand how complex the core is, let’s take a look at the 3 major components of the core: Read more…

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Hey Glen: The Scale is Stuck, Help!

Hey Glen: The Scale is Stuck, Help!


I had someone write in the other day asking about how to break a plateau when it comes to weight loss. I started exercising and lost 40 pounds, but I have 40 to go and I haven’t seen any progress lately. I am eating healthier, I am doing these exercise videos that were working, but I have been stuck for some time now. Help!


Sounds like you are on your way to getting there by making better habits and choices.

It also sounds like you hit a plateau, which occurs often, but can be fixed.
With fitness training Read more…

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Kick Off Football Season without Putting on Pounds

FootballIncorporate some healthy practices so your fitness efforts don’t get erased each weekend.


We are in full football swing with college football going for a couple of weeks now and the pros just getting started last week. With the pigskin flying and helmets crashing comes parties, BBQs, and informal get-togethers for many of us. How can you make it through the season without putting on pounds? Here are a few tips on making some better choices while watching your favorite teams go at it.


Tip #1 Read more…

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Motivational Poetry: You Will Fail

poetryStay motivated by reading a poem about failing? Well, we can look at failure two ways: (1) a bad thing that happens; horrible; depressing (2) a simple truth and a mere stepping stone to success; just a part of the process of life and a necessary part of achievement. Failure is not the means to an end.

“You Will Fail”

Failure lurks on your biggest dreams

Like a shadow always presents itself in light

Failure is Read more…

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