Me and My Paleo Dog: The Struggle to Keep a Dog Grain-free

Published on March 26, 2015 by in Uncategorized

IMAG0360It’s not easy raising a Paleo dog today, especially when canines are forced to live within the confines of modern society. The struggle is very, very real. And if you’re a part of the Paleo Mafia and own a dog like me, you know exactly what I am talking about.


The other day I was taking my dog Grizzly for a walk. Just a walk, at first, for a warm up. I kind of laughed as I saw other people taking their dogs for a jog. A jog? Steady state cardio? Are you freaking kidding me?


The Type of Exercise Dogs were meant to Do


We all know that dogs were not meant to do Read more…

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Women: If you are not Skinny… this will Happen

Published on March 24, 2015 by in Uncategorized

I sat in the bar drinking a pint of Sam Adam’s Boston Lager when my friend Jim showed up and informed me that he had just broken up with his girlfriend. “What happened?” I asked, “Wasn’t everything going okay with you and Julie?”


“It was until about a week ago,” Jim exclaimed. “But then she told me her body fat percentage jumped to 22%. TWENTY-TWO PERCENT! This whole time she had these nice abs and skinny thighs, but then she just let herself go over the holidays and she’s only going to the gym 3 times per week on average now.”


“Oh, man, I’m sorry. I just saw her the other day too, I had no idea.”


“Yeah I know. She’s been wearing baggy shirts and yoga pants to hide it. But you can only hide something like that so long,” Jim said as Read more…

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Guys: If you don’t have a Six Pack, you’re a Loser

Hey fellow members of the male species – dad’s, husbands, college students, grandpa’s, and all – I have some news for you. You have got to get six pack abs. There’s no two ways about it. If you don’t, you are sure to suffer the following consequences:


You won’t be cool. Guys with six pack abs are just cooler and even all around better people than guys with body fat percentages over 8%.


You won’t get a girl to look at you, let alone date you, marry you or make love to you. Women love guys with abs. The six pack is actually the most desirable feature on a man according to all women.


If by some freak chance you found a girlfriend or wife, she is just faking it until Read more…

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Techniques to Help You Shave Time off of Your Weightlifting Routine

When I was in high school and didn’t have all of the obligations I have now as a dad, I had all kinds of time. When I ditched football and team sports to take up a weightlifting hobby, I would spend at least one hour per day in the gym. Often times it was closer to two hours. Fast forward to present time and I no longer have time for 120-minute workout sessions, even though I work as a personal trainer and spend hours each day training people. So when I work out, I need to have an effective plan that won’t take me hours to complete.


I rarely lift weights for over an hour. Most times it’s about 45 minutes. The other day I was walking into the weight room and a member of the gym asked me, “What are you working out today?” I responded, “Leg day.” About 40 minutes later I made my way for the exit and the same guy stopped me and asked, “You’re done already?”


The truth is, Read more…

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High Protein Berry Muffins

IMAG0346My wife had an oops moment the  today and the end result were some awesome blueberry and raspberry high protein muffins. When you’re a busy mom (or dad) at times the brain isn’t always on all cylinders. And when the brain fog rolls in, you tend to put things in random places, like the other day when I put my phone in the pantry. Then there was this morning when Jaki made a smoothie and put the big bag of frozen berries away… In the fridge. Fast forward to this evening and we had an entire bag of defrosted berries.


So we ate some for dessert.


And I decided to make some high protein muffins to use up another cup of berries.


Here is what I gathered up: Read more…

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My Vegan Cat

Published on January 23, 2015 by in Uncategorized

So_happy_smiling_catIt was a big day. My flight was just a few hours from taking off and then I would be on my way to perhaps the biggest business meetings of my life. Five days of good looking women, great tasting tacos, and California sunshine. It was also the first time I was going to be away from him for longer than a day. Mr. Friskers and I had never been apart.


The doorbell rang. It was the cat sitter/house sitter, Jim, a former coworker of mine. I greeted him and showed him all of Mr. Friskers things – his bed, his toilet stool, the homemade cat food food, etc.


“Homemade cat food?” Jim questioned, “Is that like some dried fish or something?”


“No,” I said, “Mr. F does not eat fish. He’s vegan.”


“Wait a second. You’re telling me that if I popped open a can of tuna, he wouldn’t eat it?” Read more…

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A Church Workout You can do at Home

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of joining together with a few good people at Faith Assembly church in Pasco for some conversation, bible reading, and working out – 3 things I am a big fan of. I am leading a small group class called “Fit Together” which is a part of a great program Faith has called Life Groups which is small groups of people with similar interests meeting together, doing life together.

I really felt called to do something a little bigger than I was currently doing. I had been: Read more…

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How to Develop a Habit of Eating Healthy

Published on January 15, 2015 by in Healthy Eating

P1010562Why do people hire personal trainers? There is not one clear or definitive answer. I have people come to me for one on one training or take one of my classes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is to increase athletic performance, sometimes it is to learn how to exercise safely around a medical condition such as arthritis or high blood pressure, and sometimes it is to have a variety of new and creative workouts that are a few steps beyond what one would learn from a fitness magazine. Then there is the rare occasion that someone will come to me for losing weight or changing body composition. No. Actually that is a biggy – the dropping of the lbs; the melting of fat; the incineration of lard. People want to do that.


What are the two big components of weight loss? Read more…

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How to Keep Working Out Beyond February

Published on January 12, 2015 by in Uncategorized

?Motivation? Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.I’m not going to blab a lot on this post. This one is a cut-to-the-chase how-to tutorial on working out for the long-term. As I write this it is January, and in the fitness industry the synonym for January is “busy.” A lot of people are working out right now, you might be one of them. A lot of those same people will lose motivation and not be working out in March. You don’t want to be one of them.


Here is what the gym looks like throughout the year:

January – Really busy: New Year’s Resolutions

February – Sort of busy: Some New Year’s Resolutioners sticking around

March – Normal: Just a few of the new members of the gym sticking around

April – December: Steady with a few spurts of sort of busy and kind of not busy


Here is what workouts look like for people new to (or coming back to) the gym: Read more…

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Cardio vs. Strength Training: Which is Really Better?

IMAG0080Let’s correct some just flat out fitness myths and lies and find out what really works when it comes to cardio and weights (strength training). Maybe you have heard some of these cliches: Ladies, don’t lift weights too often or you will bulk up, you’ll grow a mustache, and your boobs will disappear. Men, ditch the cardio and hit the weights hard until your veins are bursting and you need a hernia repair. My favorite as of late is: cardio exercise is BAD for you and will make you gain more weight than eating a cheeseburger!

Okay, so maybe some people don’t take it to such extremes, but actually, some do.

Before we get into into detail with each one of these, let me give you the short answer on these: Read more…

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