How to Keep Working Out Beyond February

Published on January 12, 2015 by in Uncategorized

?Motivation? Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.I’m not going to blab a lot on this post. This one is a cut-to-the-chase how-to tutorial on working out for the long-term. As I write this it is January, and in the fitness industry the synonym for January is “busy.” A lot of people are working out right now, you might be one of them. A lot of those same people will lose motivation and not be working out in March. You don’t want to be one of them.


Here is what the gym looks like throughout the year:

January – Really busy: New Year’s Resolutions

February – Sort of busy: Some New Year’s Resolutioners sticking around

March – Normal: Just a few of the new members of the gym sticking around

April – December: Steady with a few spurts of sort of busy and kind of not busy


Here is what workouts look like for people new to (or coming back to) the gym: Read more…

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Cardio vs. Strength Training: Which is Really Better?

IMAG0080Let’s correct some just flat out fitness myths and lies and find out what really works when it comes to cardio and weights (strength training). Maybe you have heard some of these cliches: Ladies, don’t lift weights too often or you will bulk up, you’ll grow a mustache, and your boobs will disappear. Men, ditch the cardio and hit the weights hard until your veins are bursting and you need a hernia repair. My favorite as of late is: cardio exercise is BAD for you and will make you gain more weight than eating a cheeseburger!

Okay, so maybe some people don’t take it to such extremes, but actually, some do.

Before we get into into detail with each one of these, let me give you the short answer on these: Read more…

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My New Book!

GetFitTogetherCOverIt’s January, and it’s about that time for me to release another book. This one here is completely free. If you like the articles I have written lately, I’m sure you’ll like the book. It’s full of that Glen Gosch sarcasm, humor, and even some useful stuff about achieving your fitness goals.


This one also taps into a spiritual element as well. In the coming weeks I am excited to announce that I will be leading a group at the Church I attend to help people start the New Year right and achieve health and fitness goals. I’ve also been asked to be a guest presenter for a class at a church some friends of mine attend too. This book corresponds with some of the things I will be speaking about during those presentations.


When you download the book, this is what you will learn:


What the Bible really says about health and fitness.

Answers to questions I get asked as a personal trainer including what to do for a fitness routine and how to stick with a routine.

7 easy to implement lifestyle habits that set you up for your success so you see your goals through.

How to stay inspired while going after goals. Read more…

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Why You Should Absolutely set a New Year Goal!

10906197_895238260516240_667069154155734367_nGo for it! Do the resolution thing! I’m in your corner with it! Some people will tell you not to set a New Year’s Resolution because most people start resolutions (goals) and do not see them through. This has nothing to do with January, or New Year’s Day, or some sort of resolution curse. Most people fail at resolutions because most people fail at goals period, whether it’s on January 1st or June 1st. Not you, not this year.


Why do most people fail at their goals?


I’m not going to give a whole bunch of rhetoric to start off here. This is why most people do not hit goals. Read more…

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My Weight Loss Secrets: I’ve never told anyone these before

Someone approached me in the gym the other day and said, “Hey! I read your bio and saw that you lost over 50 pounds a while back. Good for you! That’s awesome! How did you do it?”


I thanked her and everything, then I told her what I did to shed those lbs. And honestly, there’s a short version and a very detailed version. I’ll give y’all the short version with all of my weight loss secrets.


  1. I got a second job to pay for all the workout equipment, supplements, and health food I knew that I would need. We all know it’s WAY more expensive to eat healthy than to eat junk food. And since I didn’t foresee getting a 50% increase in my salary at work, I did the next logical thing and got a second full-time job. This way I could finally eat organic foods, fresh produce, and ditch that ever-filling dollar menu at fast food joints. You might be thinking, “With two jobs, where did you find the time to exercise?” That brings us to number 2…
  2. I found a 25th hour in the day. It’s WAY too hard to find time to exercise in a normal day. At the time I had two kids, my wife and I both worked, our kids were involved in activities – you could say our schedules were filled. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to find time in a 24 hour day. So I prayed to God for an extra hour each day. Lo and behold, one day I woke up and looked at my clock and there it was: a “13” right where the 12 was supposed to be. Hallelujah! Now that I had that extra hour I was able to use almost all of it for exercise. But with a 13 on the clock, doesn’t that make the day 26 hours long? No. I can’t explain why, it just doesn’t.
  3. I did the spaceman diet. The caveman diet is so 2011. We all know the caveman (or “Paleo”) diet, right? Cavemen ate nothing but plants and animals (supposedly), but absolutely no beans, grains, or white potatoes, and evolution isn’t a thing, so we should eat that way too. I took the opposite approach. I ate how human beings will be eating a million years into the future. And what foods are those? I think you know.

Read more…

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How this Personal Trainer Eats on Thanksgiving

Want to know a personal trainer’s secret to a “healthy” Thanksgiving and holiday season?


Let me first tell you what I WILL NOT be eating on Thanksgiving. I will not be eating pretend pie without sugar and/or butter. I will not be eating only the breast part of the turkey. I will not be eating any tofu, tofurkey, or anything processed food pretending to be meat. I’ll be traveling from the Tri Cities to the Issaquah, WA are to visit family and eat some food – things that should happen on Thanksgiving in #America.


Here is what I will be eating: Read more…

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11 Styles of Fitness in 140 or Less

Published on November 22, 2014 by in Just for fun

There ar140e a lot of different styles and personalities in the world of fitness. In this post today I am breaking down many flavors of fitness in the style of Twitter.


And for this post I cannot take credit on the concept. My soon to be famous (or already famous, depending on when you read this) author/bro Mike Speegle came out with this brilliant post a while back where he described book genres in 140 characters or less.


This is essentially my fitness rip-off of that. Here we go…


1. Crossfit – I just did 11 kipping pull ups and tore my rotator cuff. Do I have to keep pretending I like Paleo pizza? #crossfit


2. Bodybuilding – Damn my biceps look good in this mirror. No that wasn’t me – whoever smelt it delt it. #bodybuilding #proteinfarts Read more…

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WOSFTW: Workouts so far this week

Published on November 20, 2014 by in Fitness

I got a little behind this week on El Blogo de Website (that’s Spanglish for the blog). So here’s what I’ve done so far this week for workouts:


Monday Workout: “Functional” Fitness Workout:

Pull up

4 Ball push up

LMT Square squat

Monkey Bars

Push up with feet on stability ball, hands on one medicine ball

LMT Step back lunge with bar extension

Bench dip with feet on medicine ball


Kettlebell swing

Single leg squat with Kettlebell shoulder press


Here is a breakdown of each one: Read more…

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How to Be the Coolest Person in the Gym with One Exercise

Published on November 11, 2014 by in Uncategorized


Figure 2

Figure 2

One of the best ways to accomplish gym coolness is to master the most difficult exercise in the gym. You might be asking, “What is the most difficult exercise in the gym?” Is it the pull up? Maybe even the muscle up? While pull ups and muscle ups are no easy task, they are not the most difficult. Turkish get ups can be pretty hard, but they aren’t number one. Burpees are child’s play compared to this extraordinary feat of physical endurance, mental toughness, and even respect. I am of course talking about the weight re-stack. Read more…

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Introducing the All-new Squirrels Page

Published on November 10, 2014 by in Uncategorized

SciuridaeToday I put a new page up on the website simply titled “Squirrels.” You might be thinking, “Why have an entire page dedicated to squirrels on a fitness blog?” To some people the answer might be obvious; to others, not so much.


You might be thinking something like this:

Squirrels can lift “x” amount of their body weight, so they are super strong pound-for-pound or something like that.


Squirrels are quick and agile.


Squirrels have incredible balance (think of a squirrel running across a power line).


Squirrels are resilient animals.


Squirrels are a good Read more…

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