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My Hotel Workout

hotelworkoutThe family and I took a trip to the Seattle area this past weekend to visit family, and rest assured, since it was a mini vacation there would be some indulgence in fish ‘n chips, local micro brews, and chocolate. There would be some working out too.


When it’s a good idea to workout on the road


I don’t do a planned workout every time I go out of town.  Sometimes it is not necessary. But, depending on the length of your vacation, working out is a good idea if you plan on doing any of the following:


Eating more calories than you normally do

Are not getting a ton of physical activity on vacation (like walking 10 miles of an amusement park)

You like working out

You are on a family vaca and mom or dad wants a little “me time” for a bit


How I work out in hotels


Generally speaking, I don’t do anything crazy in hotel gyms. I’m not trying to max out on any lifts, I’m not psyching myself up, and I am definitely not yelling and grunting. But… I still get a good workout in.


My hotel workouts will (generally) have a few qualities:


Light weights

High reps, 12 to 20 on most exercises

Lifting below failure

A fairly fast pace and tempo


Every now and then I will stay at a place that has an extensive workout room with free weights, benches, cable machines, etc. and in those cases I might do something similar to my regular routine. But most times I do some sort of metabolic resistance workout – worth my time, but not overly strenuous.


My most recent workout


Here is a workout you can do if you stay in a hotel that has some free weights.


5 minutes of warm up cardio (I used an elliptical machine)


Push ups

Single leg squat with dumbbell to counter balance

Curl/Press combo

Dumbbell Swing

1 min Jumping Jacks

Rest for about 30 seconds to 1 minute

(repeat for a total of 3 circuits)


At the end of this I realized I sort of neglected my upper back, so I did a couple sets of dumbbell rows.


5 minutes of cardio to finish (I used the treadmill)


Here is a video of the workout


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