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My Favorite Sources for Nutrition

Published on April 9, 2015 by in Healthy Eating

Attractive Frustrated Hispanic Woman Tied Up With Tape Measure Against a White Background.“What the heck am I supposed to eat?!?!?!?” I get asked that a lot, and I know it can be both frustrating and overwhelming with all of the information out there. Throughout the years I have gathered all sorts of information on nutrition. What works, what doesn’t, and what is BS.


And the truth is, I don’t have a degree in nutrition. I can probably give you better advice than just anyone off the street, but my specialty is more on the physical side: weightlifting, sports, and working out in general.


In order to give the readers of this website and my in-person clients the best knowledge possible when it comes to eating, I decided to compile a small list of my favorite sources for nutritional information.


1. Harvard


The Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School are, in my opinion, the leaders when it comes to evidence-based nutrition for overall health. The studies done by Harvard, including the Harvard Nurses Study, are of hundreds of thousands of people over the span of decades. Often times in the fitness industry we take information from very small studies and then draw conclusions: 37 Polish athletes decreased their body fat by 3% when eating raw salmon eggs for 3 months, therefore you should eat raw salmon eggs – or something like that. The information gathered by Harvard does not do this. They make recommendations based off of thorough, long-term studies.


Their information is not flawless.That said, the info that Harvard collects and puts out is based far more on evidence than theory.


Here is the link to the Nutrition Source of the Harvard School of Public Health Website http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/



2. Precision Nutrition


Precision Nutrition is awesome. Whenever I read an article by PN founder John Berardi, I jump up and down and giggle like a teenage girl. Okay, maybe not, but when PN puts out an article, it is top-notch. Berardi and the PN team are not about fads and gimmicks. They put out thorough information and do so in a way that goes beyond general healthy practives and can help everyone from the athlete to the recreational fitness fanatic to the 3-days-per-week exerciser.


Here is the link to the main page




3. My Free Guide


It might seem a little pompous to use my own product as a source, but really this is what works for me. This is not a meal plan though. This is more about taking the things you learn about nutrition and putting it all into action. It is the formula I use to stay on track with eating healthy.

It shows you how to develop habits so you are not just shooting at the hip when it comes to planning and preparing your meals.


This is a PDF guide. Shoot me your email address on the right side of this page and I will shoot a copy over to you.


4. My Fitness Pal


This calorie counting app/website can allow you to track all of your food to see where you end up with your calories and macronutrients.


I wish there was a way to tweak the macro percentages. Nonetheless, this is the site I use to track calories when I really want to dial-in my nutrition.


That’s it for now.


This list may grow in the future. But for now, this is my BEST advice as to where to head for nutrition information.


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