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Motivational Poetry: You Will Fail

poetryStay motivated by reading a poem about failing? Well, we can look at failure two ways: (1) a bad thing that happens; horrible; depressing (2) a simple truth and a mere stepping stone to success; just a part of the process of life and a necessary part of achievement. Failure is not the means to an end.

“You Will Fail”

Failure lurks on your biggest dreams

Like a shadow always presents itself in light

Failure is the miss, the fall, the disaster

You will fail, it is certain

But every miss warrants another try

Every fall involves getting back up

And from the deepest depths of disaster

One can rise above to the highest triumph

If you try, you will fail

See failure is but a stepping stone on a path –

A path that leads to success

You will fail, for all who have tried have failed

But all who have succeeded have tried

Yes, you will fail

But you will not only fail

You will succeed

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