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Lotto Tickets, Jackpots, and Getting Fit Quick

We live in an instant gratification society. We like quick results. We like fast food, microwaves, drive-through windows, and instant-winner game tickets. How many people play the lottery in hopes of becoming instantly rich overnight? Millions. How many lottery winners do you personally know? My guess is zero. The same thing goes for slot machines and poker tables in Las Vegas. A small town in the middle of the desert became a large city and one of the most traveled tourist destinations in the world based off of the hope of instant success. Casino and gaming companies have become large corporations with tens of thousands of employees; all built on people’s dreams of striking it rich with little or no work. How many of the current estimated 8.9 million millionaires in the United States are the recipients of winning lotto tickets and jackpots? The number is too small to even count.

When it comes to fitness we are attracted to the same type of advertising. Slim down in 6 weeks, get totally ripped in 90 days, or change your body in no time at all. While many of these programs can work and deliver great results in a quick amount of time, I have a secret for you:  In order to get fit and stay fit, it is not the result of doing something for 6 weeks or 90 days – it is the result of doing something consistently over time for the long-run. There is no jackpot or winning lotto ticket when it comes to your health. To achieve results that last, we need to think about the long-term. We need to adopt a lifestyle change.

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