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Is the Beachbody Coaching Thing a Scam?

Published on June 17, 2014 by in Earn Money

Well, I guess the question of the Beachbody coaching opportunity being a scam is mostly coming from people skeptical of network marketing and MLM’s. And yes, Team Beachbody is a network marketing vessel of Beachbody, the creator of P90X, Insanity, and other tops selling fitness programs.

There will always be skeptics. But let me do my best to give you the REALITY of the Beachbody Coaching opportunity.


Let’s first look at why people sign up to be a coach. In my four years as a coach, I have seen that people sign up to be a coach for several different reasons:


1. To get a discount on products – if you are getting Shakeology, why not get it at 25% off?

2. To make some extra money – if you are already telling your friends about the great results you got with your workouts and Shakeology, why not get paid a little for the recommendation?

3. To build a business and make a full-time income.

4. To become rich.


The first two, are no-brainers. Of course if you sign up to be a coach you will get a discount. And if you refer people to buy from you, you will make some extra money on top of your regular job.


So let’s look at the last two: Building a full-time income and getting rich. Who builds a full-time income with Beachbody, and who becomes rich?


Well, have you ever heard that 9 out 10 small businesses fail? I’d say those numbers are pretty accurate, and Beachbody is no different (disclosure: these are generalized statements).


There are a number of Beachbody coaches whom set out to “make it big.” Some do, and some don’t.


“Gee, what a great selling point,” you might be thinking. “Are you trying to get people discouraged and NOT become coaches?”


Hang on a second.


Let’s take a look at what the numbers say. If you are someone that wants to put in some effort with growing a business with Team Beachbody, what can you expect?


Okay, so of course, there is no guarantee, but let’s look at some averages:


If you become an Emerald Coach:

Low income: $12

Avg. Income: $3096

High Income: $238,702


If you become a Diamond Coach:

Low Income: $592

Avg. Income: $15,380

High Income: $156,065


If you become a Star Diamond Coach:

Low Income: $4,136

Avg. Income: $78,769

High Income: $2,106,292


Translation: You make an initial investment of either $39.95 (coach sign-up fee), $205 (Challenge Pack), or $300 (Showcase Pack). If you try to build a business, aim for stars, and end up not quite getting where you want to be, you might make an average of 3000 per year. If you are successful in your efforts, you can make an average of 15,000 per year. If you hit it out of the park, you are looking at an average of 78,000 per year. If you hit a grand slam, you could be rich.


Compare that to what would happen if you start any other small business. You invest thousands of your own money and take out a loan. If you aim for the stars and end up not quite getting where you want, you will most likely be bankrupt – possibly lose your home, be further in debt, have employees to pay, etc. If you are mildly successful, you can break even in several years and begin chopping away at business loans. If hit it out of the park, you have a profitable business and you will be doing better than 90% of other businesses. If you hit it a grand slam, you could be rich.

Worst thing that can happen if you don’t succeed in couple of years with Beachbody: You made a little money, you got Shakeology at a discount, you went through a few great fitness programs, and you did all this with a part-time effort. Not the worst thing in the world.

Best thing that can happen if you succeed with Beachbody: You make a great income from home.

Isn’t this like any business on Earth? Except that you won’t lose your butt if you fail, like you might with a traditional business.


So where do network marketing and companies like Beachbody get a bad wrap? No one has ever said you are guaranteed success with network marketing, including Beachbody. No one has ever said you are guaranteed success with starting your own business the traditional way either. Both present the opportunity to make it big though. So where do we get the “scam” word?


My best guess is this: way more people get involved with network marketing than any other type of business. It’s cheap to get started. Who doesn’t have $40 to $300 to get started? People start out with high hopes, hear a few “no’s” in their sales efforts, don’t make a 6 figure profit in their first 6 months and then say, “this whole thing was a scam.”


People come in with unrealistic expectations.


So, what can you expect with Beachbody?


Well, you can click here for the full disclosure of income earnings.


Beyond that, here is my opinion: If you start with Beachbody and put in sporadic efforts and inconsistent effort, you will make little or no money. If you start with Beachbody and put in consistent effort, you will make some money. If you put in consistent, skillful effort, you will make more money. If you happen to get really good at it you can make a full-time income. If you get really, really good at it, you can be rich.


Is Beachbody is scam? No, of course not. Beachbody itself puts out top-of-the-line fitness and nutrition products, as well as certification programs for fitness professionals. The coaching end of it is not a scam either; it is like most things in life – you get back what you put it.


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