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Introducing the All-new Squirrels Page

Published on November 10, 2014 by in Uncategorized

SciuridaeToday I put a new page up on the website simply titled “Squirrels.” You might be thinking, “Why have an entire page dedicated to squirrels on a fitness blog?” To some people the answer might be obvious; to others, not so much.


You might be thinking something like this:

Squirrels can lift “x” amount of their body weight, so they are super strong pound-for-pound or something like that.


Squirrels are quick and agile.


Squirrels have incredible balance (think of a squirrel running across a power line).


Squirrels are resilient animals.


Squirrels are a good source of protein.


All (or some) of those may be true, but that’s not the reason I put together the Squirrels page.


I put it up just because.


So when somebody new to the blog starts scrolling around and looking at the different pages on the blog, that person will undoubtedly be intrigued by the “Squirrels” tab. Once the Squirrels tab is clicked on, the person will find a photograph of several squirrels.  No caption. No text. No explanation.

That’s it. Squirrels.

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