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Intermittent Fasting Trial: Week 1 (the pre-fast)

Published on December 4, 2012 by in Healthy Eating

I’m biting. The bait and hook that is “intermittent fasting” has been put in front of me and I’m officially reeled in (sort of). I am going to start a new diet that consists of fasting, and eating whole foods – eating whole foods is nothing new, the daily fasting regimen is. I have done fasts in the past, but never of the intermittent variety in day-to-day life. I have done vegan diet plans, high-protein/low-carb plans, and balanced meal plans as well. This will be something new for me.

My personality goes like this:

“Ooooh… intermittent fasting – I’m in! Today! Right away! What a cool idea!”

Then the rationality/reality conscious kicks in.

“Intermittent fasting. What a neat idea. I’ll start with some small steps, do a little more research online, read a couple of books on the subject, and then… get to it!”

Most intermittent fasting information out there suggests to take certain supplements, eat certain foods (mainly high-protein/high-fat/low-carb a.k.a. paleo-style), and fast at certain, specific times. The plan(s) that seems most appealing to me is doing a daily fast routine where we eat during a small window during the day and fast for remainder of the day, including sleep. The idea is to speed up fat burning in the body buy eating a large amount of calories in small amount of time, post workout.

Huh? Isn’t that the opposite of what we have learned about nutrition? Aren’t we supposed to eat five even-portioned meals throughout the day?


From what I have read, there is science supporting both sides. Is any one way better than the other? Probably a matter of opinion, but I am going to find out for myself.

A slight experiment on my part:

I am going to incorporate my regular training routine of P90X2® followed in the coming months by a round of Insanity®. This will be some intense training with an intense diet (maybe). I have done P90X and Insanity following meal plans of the 5 or 6 meals a day structure and have got great results in doing so.

Will this new plan bring better results? We’ll see.

Here’s my plan to get started:

  • First I am starting a real easy 12/12 plan. 12 hours of eating, followed by 12 hours of rest. No big deal.
  • Next I am switching my routine to morning workouts in a fasted state – no breakfast before working out. Again, a slight change.
  • Next comes the big change:  Wake up, don’t eat. Don’t eat more. Take a few supplements. Work out around noon to 1:00p.m. Now eat – a lot. Take a break. Eat a lot. Take a break. Eat a lot. Stop 3 hours before bed. Repeat.

Crazy? Maybe. Against the grain? Yes (notice the pun).

I am excited to see what intermittent fasting will bring to my body fat percentage and overall physique. I wonder how I will feel. I wonder how my athletic performance will be while I exercise. I’ll be tracking my progress throughout, so stay tuned to see what happens…



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