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I punched a client when he told me he ate a donut

Published on October 29, 2014 by in Just for fun

Donuts_(Coffee_An),_Westport,_CT_06880_USA_-_Feb_2013The other day I was getting ready to meet with one of my clients when the unexpected happened…


He came in with a look of discomfort on his face. The air stunk with shame as he approached me with his head hung low in embarrassment. “You’re going to hate me,” he said, “I know I shouldn’t have, but I ate a couple of donuts this weekend.”


“You did what?”


“I’m sorry. It was just a couple. I know, I know – I shouldn’t have…”


I immediately interrupted him. “How many is a ‘couple?’” I said while using my fingers as quotation marks.


“Like… two. And then just a small amount of creamer in my coffee.”


That did it.


BAM!!! I gave him a right cross straight to the jaw, watched him nearly fall to the ground, and spoke up with authority: “Now listen to me. Your jaw doesn’t feel to good right now does it?” His silence was an undercover answer of ‘yes’ from what I could tell. “I want you to think how this feels next time you even think about eating a donut, let alone two.”


“Yes, sir,” he said, still unable to look me in the eye. “I won’t do it again.”


“I know you won’t.” I motioned to him to follow me over to an open space on the gym floor. Then I explained, “It’s going to take about 150 burpees to burn off one of those donuts, and you ate two, so that’s 300. Then we’ll add another 100 for the coffee creamer – so, 400. Go ahead and get started; we only have one hour today.”


Catch on to my over-the-top sarcasm yet?


I really DON’T punch my clients. I don’t even get mad if they eat on donut (fried chicken, pizza, etc.) because I do the same thing – sometimes. That’s the A- way.


However, I do run into to people who sometimes feel like, “Oh crap, I better not tell my personal trainer how I ate.” Hopefully it’s not from a fear of getting punched. What I do think it has to do with is guilt.


I’m not a fan of that.


I don’t think anyone should need to feel guilted or pressured into eating healthy or exercising. Sure, a little healthy accountability is a good thing, but feeling ashamed of a donut or a skipped workout is not cool. It is important, however, that a donut here and there does not turn into a donut every day.


Most things are fine in moderation.


Let’s not beat ourselves up over imperfection. Strive to do good – eat good, exercise good, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Keep the donuts and other junk at less than 10% and I promise that I will not punch you. In fact, I’ll even eat a donut with you. It’s a date. Donuts and burpees – it will be a blast!

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