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How to not get Fat on Vacation

3 Lifestyle Tips for Vacations and Getaways


When I’m at home, I DO NOT live perfectly all the time by counting every calorie and working out religiously. Most times I am more on a 80/20 rule or even 90/10. When I am away from home, I still do some healthy things, but it’s probably more like 60/40 or 70/30. I’m going to enjoy my vacations, but I am not going to be a complete fat, gluttonous slob either.


If you are new to the whole working out, getting in shape, eating healthy thing and need some ideas on how to live a little and not completely destroy all of those hard hours you put in the gym, you’re in luck because Glen “Big Daddy” Gosch has some groundbreaking tips for you!


Okay, maybe my name isn’t Big Daddy, maybe I shouldn’t refer to myself in the 3rd person, and maybe this stuff isn’t groundbreaking. But these are some tips based off of how I have managed to stay fairly fit and lean the last 5 years, even while traveling quite a bit.


Tip 1: Get some exercise while on vacation/traveling. This might be a workout in the hotel exercise room. It could also be a run to explore some new scenery. Maybe physical activity is even a part of the vacation such as a hike down the Grand Canyon, a bike ride through the Sequoia National Forest, or 10 hours of walking around Disneyland.


Tip 2: Eat some healthy food. Simple enough. If you are away from home it will be easy to eat pastries for breakfast, deep fried stuff for lunch, and a huge dinner – maybe even some dessert. It’s just as easy to eat some fresh fruit and oatmeal for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and a steak with veggies for dinner. It literally takes the same amount of effort. The last few times I went on vacation with the family, we ended up going by the grocery store for breakfast. A lot of stores have sit-down areas now. We have taken advantage of this and had yogurt with fresh fruit for breakfast.


Tip 3: Indulge a little! You’re on vacation! So drink up, have a brownie, and have steak! Keep the sanity flowing with a treat here and there because you are awesome, and you already got a workout in (while on vacation).

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean counting every gram of sugar and working out 363 out of 365 days in a year. Being a busy mom or dad (business owner, student, etc.) is a task on its own. Away from home (depending on duration), you don’t have to be flawless. Live a little and enjoy your time on vacation.

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