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How this Personal Trainer Eats on Thanksgiving

Want to know a personal trainer’s secret to a “healthy” Thanksgiving and holiday season?


Let me first tell you what I WILL NOT be eating on Thanksgiving. I will not be eating pretend pie without sugar and/or butter. I will not be eating only the breast part of the turkey. I will not be eating any tofu, tofurkey, or anything processed food pretending to be meat. I’ll be traveling from the Tri Cities to the Issaquah, WA are to visit family and eat some food – things that should happen on Thanksgiving in #America.


Here is what I will be eating:


Turkey (salted, seasoned, roasted, and basted)

Stuffing (with gluten, butter, and sodium)

Mashed potatoes (yes, the white ones)

Gravy (mmm… gravy)

A dinner roll (with gluten and probably processed white flour)

Some sort of vegetable dish (because I like veggies too)

A piece of pie (real pie – maybe pumpkin, maybe apple, I’m easy)

Beverages: Water, egg nog, cider

I’ll be full. It will probably be a little more than I normally eat.


And here is what my week will look like:

Monday: Regular healthy eating

Tuesday:  Regular healthy eating

Wednesday:  Regular healthy eating

Thursday: A traditional American Thanksgiving with a little extra calories

Friday:  Regular healthy eating with some sort of turkey

Saturday:  Regular healthy eating with some sort of turkey

Sunday:  Regular healthy eating with some sort of turkey


Here is what my week will not look like:


Monday: Healthy Eating

Tuesday: Pre-Thanksgiving warm-up with some cookies and pie

Wednesday: Thanksgiving prep with some fast food or otherwise unhealthy quick option to prepare the stomach for a massive meal

Thursday: Gluttony Fest 2014 with 2 pounds of Turkey meat and a plate overflowing with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and not enough room for veggies, but enough room for a dinner roll on top. Then a second round to get the veggies dish, some extra turkey, and another roll because the plate looks naked without a roll. Then a piece of pie – not a piece of pie, but a PIECE of pie. Another piece of pie. An entire bottle of wine.

Friday: A continuation of the feast to hurry up and finish those leftovers.

Saturday: A regretful day of eating salads and rice cakes to make up for the week.

Sunday: Whatever. I already gained 3 pounds this week.

Thanksgiving for me, means enjoying family and fellowship and eating some good food, and watching some football. I’m not going to count a single calorie. As a type this, I’m weighing about 157 pounds. My guess is that next week around this time I will weigh 157 pounds. One meal of eating a few extra calories is not going to kill my physique for the rest of the year.


What should you eat?


If you are preparing for a marathon, bodybuilding competition, ultramarathon, or magazine cover photo shoot, my advice is not for you. Otherwise, eat whatever the heck you want on Thanksgiving. Don’t be completely gluttonous, but don’t be so worried about what you eat that you are counting the burpees you will have to do to work off your medium-sized piece of pie.


After that, eat healthy, train hard, and keep up the good work.


High five from your friend Glen!


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