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HCG Diet and Diets that Work

Published on July 18, 2012 by in Healthy Eating

I came across some advertisements several times in the past week for the HCG diet and injections and thought to myself, “How do people fork over so much money on this stuff?” HCG uses hormone treatments and a starvation diet to achieve weight loss by feeding the lucky person on the plan a whopping 500 calories a day and injections at constant doctor visits costing hundreds of dollars. As appealing as that sounds, I would like to introduce a diet and plan that works, does not starve you, promotes as much or better weight loss, costs less, and can lead to long term results.

I am talking about the Ultimate Reset™ from Beachbody®.  See the video below for more details.

Ultimate Reset is a 21 day cleanse, detox, and complete transformation of the inside of your body. Those that have been on the Ultimate Reset have experienced weight loss, increased immunity, lower cholesterol, increased testosterone levels in men (stable levels in women), and better digestion among other benefits. Let’s compare the Ultimate Reset and the HCG diet.

Ultimate Reset
6 oral supplements
21 days
Support from a Coach
Online support
1500 – 1800 calories per day
Complete Nutrition Guide
Cooking Class DVD
Informational/instructional DVD
No required exercise
(Walking/stretching recommended)

Price varies – $100 – $800
Injections of HCG, possibly other injections
40+ days
Support from a clinic
500 calories per day
No required exercise

One problem with the HCG diet is that you are severely restricting calories in a plan that starves a person with an anorexic-like diet. Of course you can lose weight, but what happens when the diet is over? A return to more calories and weight gain? It is very possible. 500 calories per day is not a long term solution. When the diet is over you will still have to exercise and watch what you eat to continue weight loss and keep it off. I regret to inform the world: The is, and will never be a magic pill for long term weight loss. It takes some discipline on the part of the person.

With the Ultimate reset you will eat a low-calorie diet that is satisfying and high enough to maintain metabolism throughout the program that can continue beyond the 21 days. Your body will adjust easily going from 1500 calories during the Reset to 2000 calories per day after the program. Imagine the dramatic change of a 500 calorie diet to a 2000 calorie diet. How will your body adjust?

What about exercise and diet beyond short term weight loss?

Make no mistake, if you want long term weight loss you will need a long term solution. There are several ways to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into one’s lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be the most vigorous exercise and bodybuilding plan (though if you want that, go for it!). Something like 10 Minute Trainer®, for example, can be a great place to start.

Being healthy and active is not one-size-fits all. I understand that HCG works for some people and gets them on a path to want better health, but for a lot people it has a short term effect that leads to a temporary loss of weight that can be put right back on bringing many back to square one only a little lighter in the wallet. It is better in my opinion to go for a real diet solution that is sustainable and creates a healthy lifestyle. Ultimate Reset can be a great jumpstart to a healthy living for years to come.

For one on one support to find if Ultimate Reset may be right for you, or if a different  exercise and diet solution is what you need, contact me today.

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