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Guys: If you don’t have a Six Pack, you’re a Loser

Hey fellow members of the male species – dad’s, husbands, college students, grandpa’s, and all – I have some news for you. You have got to get six pack abs. There’s no two ways about it. If you don’t, you are sure to suffer the following consequences:


You won’t be cool. Guys with six pack abs are just cooler and even all around better people than guys with body fat percentages over 8%.


You won’t get a girl to look at you, let alone date you, marry you or make love to you. Women love guys with abs. The six pack is actually the most desirable feature on a man according to all women.


If by some freak chance you found a girlfriend or wife, she is just faking it until she can score a guy with abs. There is also the slim chance that she has you on a time frame to achieve abdominal greatness. So if you haven’t been working on your six pack yet, it’s time to get started.


You can’t take your shirt off in public places such as beaches or public swimming pools. If people aren’t laughing out loud at you, they are doing so on the inside.



Not really




But if you walk through the magazine aisle at the store, see an infomercial for a product that will  score you those abs, or watch any movie made after 1990, that is the message you are receiving. Guys with abs look better, feel better, get the girl, and are better people than the rest of us. But that’s not the case.


Let me be clear, I am not knocking people with six pack abs. It is kind of cool. But it is not the deal breaker in your manhood.


You are perfectly fine the way you are. Maybe. We definitely have an obesity issue in most developed countries around the world, and that is not cool. I’m not saying people that are obese are bad people, will never get a girlfriend, or anything, because I have been there myself. But I think each man should strive to be strong, fit, and healthy to the best of his ability. And though the media has portrayed the six pack as THE indicator of a man’s overall worth in life, it is not the sole indicator of physical greatness.


I think this is a problem in the fitness industry. We sell the six pack assuming that all men want and need a six pack, and all women want men with six pack abs and anything less is a settlement. We only put guys that are ripped on magazine covers, and if they are not completely ripped, they get to wear a shirt. Not even Photoshop can help some athletes. And then when we sell a fitness DVD, a workout routine, a personal training service, or anything else, we put people with abs on display as the most successful success stories. Don’t get me wrong, again, there IS something to be said for the people that put in the hard work to achieve that low level of body fat, but what happens when someone who buys a fitness product does not get a six pack?


He increases his muscle mass.

He drops his body fat percentage.

He fits into clothes differently. The sleeves on shirts are a bit tighter, and the waist on pants a bit looser.

He has more energy.

He has more sex drive.

He sleeps better at night.

He can lift more weight than he could six months ago.


BUT he did not get that all important six pack like he saw on the magazine cover, the fitness DVD, or the popular bodybuilding website. So he feels like crap.


No more of that.


Let’s celebrate strong.


Let’s celebrate fit.


Let’s celebrate confidence.


We can still celebrate ripped too, for those that get there.



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