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Guest Blog: What Is Your Inner Orchestra Saying About Fitness?

orchestraToday I am excited to have Lore Earley of EatThinkFeelLive.com writing a piece for the site. Lore is friend of mine and we share many of the same views on health and fitness. Her creative and witty writings are always informative and fun to read. Enjoy…

What Is Your Inner Orchestra Saying About Fitness?

by Lore Earley

I work with my clients to help them fine-tune their inner orchestra: the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual quartet.  When our ‘instruments’ are tuned and well cared for, they make beautiful music. We function at our best. When one is off key, it can create a painful experience.

Fitness is one of the tougher areas to address.  Face it, the instruments speak loud and clear:

mental:  “I exercised two days ago and had to walk up the stairs today, so I probably got in enough for today. Plus I still have to (make dinner, pick the kids up…)”

emotional:  “I don’t feel like it today, too tired. And besides, leg squats hurt my knees.”

physical:  “If I just eat a salad for dinner then it will make up for the brownie I ate at 3pm.”

spiritual:  “Yoga?  Too slow and too quiet.  It is full of new-age fluff anyway.”

The problem is that the instruments are playing the wrong tune.  The key is to tune your instruments to align with your individual biochemistry and body make-up.  Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  Nor is the food you eat, the way you think, how you learn, or your feelings.

So what is one step I can take right now?  Start by paying attention to your instruments. What are they really saying?  What is very real, versus what is an excuse.  Here’s an example of a better tuned inner orchestra:

mental:  “I know that after work, my family is my priority.  Therefore, we need to either exercise together as a family, or I need to get up early and exercise then.  Waiting until after work sets me up to fail.”

emotional:  “I love the way I feel after I exercise.  I feel healthy, proud of myself.  I can remember this feeling when I try to talk myself out of exercising.”

physical:  “If I eat balanced meals with protein, whole grains, and vegetables at each meal, then I won’t feel the need to snack on things I know are not healthy for my body.  This will also help with proper muscle development.”

spiritual:  “I know exercise helps clear my mind, gives me focus.  Zumba is probably not the best choice to help me quiet my mind.  I can experiment with more calming forms of exercise and alternate between the two.”

The toughest part is getting started, but once you see the results, making fitness a priority is easy.  

About the Author:  Lore Earley is a holistic health practitioner.  If you would like more information on how she can help you to transform your inner orchestra to align with your individual biochemistry and body make-up, please visit her website:  http://www.eatthinkfeellive.com

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