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Guest Blog: Are You Like a Bull In a China Shop?

meditateGood news! Lore Earley is back this week with another great post. Her last post on the site was awesome, and it looks like for the time-being she will be making some regular contributions to the blog roll here. I learned something new with her post today, I’m sure you will too. Enjoy!

Are You Like a Bull In a China Shop?

By:  Lore Earley

Exercise is meant to create balance.  It is supposed to work with your individual design to strengthen, tone, de-stress, and maybe even quiet the busy mind.  Does your exercise match your persona?  Is it helping you, or keeping you off-kilter?


According to Ayurveda, a form of natural healing and ‘science of life’ originating in India, people generally fall into one of three Doshas: Pitta, Vata, Kapha.  The Doshas refer to primary forces of energy.  Usually we are predominantly one and have a touch of another within us as it is rare for someone to be a true Kapha or true Vata, for example.


Knowing your Dosha type is actually very helpful when it comes to determining the kind of exercise that will bring you the most balance and bang for your buck.


The Bulls


Let’s talk Pitta.  Pitta-types are like bulls in a china shop.  They are driven, competitive, and can become easily angered or develop a bad case of impatience.  They charge full force forward, and are prone to high stress.  In order to balance their competitive nature, exercises that allow for a slow-down in movement are most beneficial.  This includes leisurely walks, swimming, bike riding, and yoga.


Granted, Pitta instinct will be to run a triathlon, and a bull going high speed on a treadmill equals a whole lot of ugly.  For de-stressing, though, the bull needs to stroll through the park and stop to smell the roses.


The Butterflies


Vatas are like butterflies.  They have high bursts of energy where they go, go, go, but then also need to stop and rest.  They have many interests and often flitter from one to another, much to the dismay of a Pitta who is so focused and doesn’t get the whole non-committal thing.


Vatas are sensitive to the cold, and benefit from indoor exercise during winter months.  Because of the tendency to ‘flutter’, Vatas benefit from grounding and stretching exercises such as yoga, Pilates, strength training, and dance.  Mediation is also helpful to slow down the mind.


The House Cats


Kaphas are house cats, strong, steady, but prone to sluggishness and downright laziness at times.  Once they get going, though, Kaphas are great at activities that require a lot of endurance.  Therefore, any exercise that involves a lot of movement and sweating is going to balance the nature of a Kapha.  So get moving!  Do some cardio, interval training, long-distance running….boot camp anyone?  And make sure to grab a workout friend because Kaphas are not the best at motivating themselves to exercise.


What type(s) are you?  There are tons of websites that offer a short quiz to help you find out.  I have found the one at Dosha Guru  to be very thorough.  They give you a short summary at the end but if you enter your email you get a nice comprehensive report…it’s all free.



About the Author:


loreHeadShotLore Earley is a Holistic Health Practitioner. She is passionate about teaching others how to kick the sugar habit and how to heal their mind, body, and spirit through a natural lifestyle change. She is also a trained in EMDR and EFT (tapping) to help people who have experienced a difficult life event feel and function better.


Click here to instantly download a free report on how to prevent chronic health problems by getting the sugar out of your diet. Or contact Lore  to find out more about her coaching services.


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