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Good news! There is no Secret to Losing Weight!

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The six-pack secrets. The weird new trick. The miracle food. The supplement sent from heaven. How in the world did Jack LaLanne, Arnold Swarzenegger, Joe Weider, Suzanne Somers, and Tony Little get in phenomenal shape and help show others how to do the same in the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s respectively if all the “secrets” are just being revealed today? Hmmm…


Yes, there are some new training tools, new fitness equipment, new training strategies, new ways of looking at dieting, new supplements, and all of these things are cool. Okay, not all are cool; there are some gimmicks out there.


The truth is the same fundamentals of fitness have been around since Jack LaLanne started the modern fitness concept, and they have stood the test of time. They are the same techniques that were used in the 60’s and are still being used today.


To lose weight: Consume fewer calories and burn more calories with exercise

To gain weight (build muscle): Consume more calories and exercise more


And yes, there is something to following a good exercise plan and a good diet. Some things work better for some than others, I know. But we tend to overcomplicate things with fitness. This pill will get it done. If I only had that piece of equipment, I would finally lose weight.


The real “secret” to realizing your goals of weight loss or improved body composition is longevity; consistency; rhythm; staying the course. I have yet to run into anyone that says “Boy, I’ve been exercising for 3 years and eating a diet of only whole foods for the same amount of time, and nothing. I’m not seeing any results.” On the other hand, I have heard, “I’ve been exercising for 3 weeks and eating better, but I am just not seeing progress.” Talk me after 3 months, 6 months, or a year down the road. A healthy body is one that is worked on consistently, not for brief periods of time. I talked about a technique to use to stay consistent with exercise here.


Think of fitness as a journey. Along the path you can try the newest fitness DVD, workout plan from a magazine, online workout plan, gym membership, new diet, cutting edge supplement, and such. All of these just need to be a part of a long-term plan.


So if you are looking for the perfect solution and answer to your fitness equation, it has finally been solved. Revealed here free of charge. Longevity and consistency. Give it a try.


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