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Go Beyond Temporary Fitness Results and Actions

How do most people view the word “diet”? Most people have this view of a diet as something that we do temporarily. “I’m going on a diet”, for instance, is a phrase many of us use when we plan to re-shape the way we eat for a certain period of time. Another way we look at dieting is a restriction from something we are accustomed to doing. We’ll take a brief break from the amount of calories, carbs, fats, or whatever the particular diet plan we set out to follow suggests.

Temporary plans lead to temporary results.

When it comes to fitness there is another temporary practice that is common among us today. We see this every January as people fill up health clubs after the New Year hoping that “this year will be different”. Anyone that has ever had a gym membership knows what I am talking about. January seems to be International Take Action Month in the world of fitness. Some continue to take action all the way to the next New Year; unfortunately most fade out sometime in March and try it again in the next New Year.

Temporary action leads to temporary results.

Instead of looking at physical fitness, diet, and health as something that we can fix with a temporary change in our lives, we need to focus on long-term habits and way of life. Short-term goals, plans, and actions are a necessary part of staying with fitness activities for the entire year and the rest of your life, but they are only a part of the solution. We have to think about commitments with exercise beyond the coming weeks and months ahead.

Plan your year of dieting and fitness, not just what you are going to do in January. Don’t let your exercise efforts go to waste. Consider fitness and weight control a life-long commitment and journey.

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