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Get Fit, Stay Fit, Remain Fit Debuts

 I am pleased to announce the release of my new book Get Fit, Stay Fit, Remain Fit: Create Habits that Last. The book is about goal-setting, achieving fitness success, and providing tips to be sure you stay and remain with fitness for the long-term.  The book is available for purchase exclusively throught Amazon.com.

Book description (as seen on Amazon):

Have you ever set a fitness-related goal and did not see it through? I wrote Get Fit, Stay Fit, Remain Fit to help people make their health and fitness goals become a reality. This book provides tips and information on how to change your habits for long-term results.
  • In this book you will learn several key concepts in achieving your goals including:
    Making a lifestyle change
  • Setting your goals and creating a clear vision
  • The importance of planning and scheduling goals
  • Tracking progress and measuring success
  • Factors of motivation and remaining motivated to stick with your goals

The book is a collection of my own experience, proven methods, and examples of stories that can help you achieve your goals. I hope the information in this book can help you as much is it has helped me and lead you to a path that enables you to stay fit for your entire life.

If you are looking to achieve your goals related to exercise and fitness this year and for the long-term, get Get Fit, Stay Fit, Remain Fit now.
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