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When you sign up for any of my free information worksheets, videos, or anything else, I immediately begin selling your email address to spam organizations and flood your inbox with no less than 10 emails per day. I also share your information with the United States government and the Chinese government, which I am closely tied to. If your computer or smartphone is equipped with a camera, my Glen Gosch Fitness hacking team watches your every move. Orwellian premonitions are validated 10 times over once I get a a hold of your email address.

Just kidding.

When you sign up, you get free information for me relating to health and fitness. Might be a recipe. Might be a workout. Might be video I made. If I come across a good deal on some fitness gear, a book, a workout program or anything like that, I’ll let you know about that from time to time as well.

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It’s simple: Enter your email address and I’ll send you my workouts I do during the week. You can do them along with me, steal some of the workouts, tweak them to make them your own, whatever. Let’s get started!

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