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Finding BIG Motivation to Work Out

BigFootI’ll be honest – lately I’ve been having a hard time finding motivation to work out. I mean, I like working out and it has been a hobby of mine for most of my life, but for whatever reason lately the motivation has been lacking. Maybe it’s the short Alaska days, long nights, or whatever they are. You see, where I live the sun comes out around 10:30 and it sets around 5 or so, but the sunrise is a SLOW rise. It looks like dusk for a good 45 minutes before it actually looks like full-blown daylight. Same thing at night, a slow dissention with an hour of gloominess before total dark descends across the sky. I think I miss the sun. Maybe that’s why I’ve been having a hard time with my workouts.


I was thinking that I might have to go on feeling like this for another month or so until the days start getting a little longer and the sun brings a much needed boost of energy and cheer. I was thinking that next 4 weeks or so would be workout after workout of grogginess, dragging myself to even pop in a P90X DVD let alone execute plyometric push ups and corn cob pull ups. But all of that changed recently when I found the motivation I had been looking for. I found something to train for, something that reignited my burning passion to build muscle and strength. That something is to capture Bigfoot.


I was sitting down with my wife, who coincidentally has been looking for a little workout motivation herself, and we were watching TV when we first saw the commercial for “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” soon to be airing on Spike TV. I looked at her and said, “Babe this it.”


She knew exactly what I meant by that. “Let’s do it,” she responded, “Let’s go get Bigfoot and get that $10,000,000!”


This really could be it. Sure, my wife likes her job as teacher and is really looking forward to advancing her career as a school administrator, and I like doing my fitness thing, but we’re talking ten million big ones here. Even if I gave my all at my fitness business and really put the pedal to the metal, I am still years away from hitting the ten million mark (just speaking realistically). If all we have to do is capture Sasquatch to collect ten million dollars in a single paycheck, then let the games begin!


Now I have the motivation, and so does my wife, that is needed to crush every P90X and P90X3 workout we have on our schedule. Taking Bigfoot will be no easy task. No. This will most likely be the toughest 10 million dollars we ever make. We’ll need to be fueling our bodies with optimum nutrition to be sure we have the energy we need. We will have to “bring it” like we have never brought it before during every workout, every push up, every pull up, every freaky yoga pose. I think my adrenaline and testosterone levels just jumped 100 points thinking about my next workout. Motivation, schmotivation – what I have now is Sasquatch Fever, and nothing can stop that.


The ten million dollar bounty is nice, but if you think about it, it would only be the beginning. Once we bring in the Big Guy, we’ll be famous. I’m not talking Elvis-famous or Superman-famous either – we will be on a completely new level of fame. There will be book deals, movie rights, etc. But what I am really looking forward to is releasing a new workout program. The exact name of the program/workout system is still up in the air, but I am leaning towards “Glen Gosch’s Bigfoot Slayer Fitness System” or something shorter like “SquashFit.” Soon to follow will be certification programs. Anyone can be a personal trainer, but imagine holding the title “Certified Bigfoot Slayer” or “Certified SquashFit Instructor.”


Man o man – I can hardly stop thinking about training now. I actually just took a break from this writing to do a few sets of Sasquatch Sit Ups and One-handed Handstand Push Ups – you’ll be able to see both of these moves in SquashFit in the near future.


Okay, enough talk. Now that I have the motivation burning desire and reason to crush every workout for the next year until the next season of “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” there is no time to waste. There is training to be done, face paint to be bought, night vision goggles to calibrate. And Bigfoot, if you’re reading this, you’re going down punk!

Honestly though, if you need more than Bigfoot to motivate you to get going with your workouts, join my team for free, by CLICKING HERE. Get weekly tips and motivation for your workout routine.

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