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Applying the “Slight Edge” to Your Health

One of my favorite books is called the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. He gives so much practical and ridiculously simple advice in the book that when reading it I find myself saying, “Well, duh,” yet at the same time it is the simple things in life that we tend to overcomplicate (I have been guilty of this myself). The Slight Edge shows us just how easy it is to accomplish what we want in life. Here is one of my favorite passages:



“So you walk a little today, get your heart rate up a bit, you lift a few weights, you eat a little differently, then tomorrow morning you wake up and look in the mirror … and see the same old flubber. You have to be pretty well along the path to see any significant results. What keeps you doing this simple thing, day after day?

Will power! It’s like my dad (mom, teacher, boss, older brother, minister, self) always told me … I just need more will power.

Really? I don’t think so. (A friend of mine used to say that people on diets who complain that they lack will power are usually suffering more from a lack of won’t power!) Will power is vastly overrated. For most people, will power ends up looking and feeling like some sort of grim self-tyranny, and involves creating an elaborate, artificial reward-and-punishment system.

Do you want to change? If so, I can show you how to tap into the most powerful force for change there is. Would you like to know what it is? Are you ready? Here it is: TIME.

Position your daily actions so time is working for instead of against you. Because time will either promote you or expose you.

What keeps you on the path is your Slight Edge philosophy, which includes your understanding of the secret of time. Knowing the secret of time, you say, If I stay on this road long enough, I’ll get the result I seek. It’s not a question of your mood or your feelings. And it’s not a question of will power. It’s a question of simply knowing.”

So, are positioned so time is working for you or against you? Do whatever it takes to have time working for you, so you can life a healthy lifestyle.

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