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Add this Factor to your Fitness Plan and Get Fit for Life

Question markMany different fitness websites claim to have THE answer for your fitness, diet, six-pack, body-you-want goals. “Do this ‘weird’ trick to lose weight” or “The great six-pack secrets revealed here” are some of the common calls I have heard. What is the answer to all of our fitness and physique dreams? Is it a particular exercise? A certain method of training? A certain type of food or supplement.

While finding a great fitness plan, the right diet, and a few good supplements are all beneficial to reaching your goals – there is something else that needs to be there. It is not a secret and it is not weird. It is the same thing that people have used since Jack LaLanne started the modern fitness movement. The same thing that helps bodybuilders, fitness models, Olympic athletes, and the guy you saw at the beach with a perfect body.

It is consistency.

But how does one remain consistent with exercise and following a fitness plan – or multiple fitness plans – as a part of a progressive year-long schedule? It’s the enjoyment factor. The more you enjoy something, the more you will want to do it, not have to do it. Sure, there might be a certain exercise you don’t particularly like or one that you are not very good at that is a part of your plan, but if you hate every part of your exercise schedule, well, good luck staying with that for a year.

On the other hand, if you enjoy the majority of your exercise regimen – if you look forward to hitting the gym, hitting the court, hitting the track, hitting the trail – the likelihood of starting to work out tomorrow and continuing to work out until this date next year is greatly increased.

Is your workout program fun?

If it is, cool! I feel that is so important. If not, or if you are looking to try something new, check out Train and Play: The fitness plan that shows you how to lose weight and get in shape with your favorite sports and activities. Bring in the fun factor and I’ll see you a year from now! (And in between too, I hope).

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