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A New Direction for Glen Gosch Fitness

Published on April 22, 2013 by in Uncategorized

A New Direction for Glen Gosch Fitness

I started this blog about a year ago because, well, I like blogging. I also like fitness, sports, eating healthy, and all things related – so became the birth of this site. It just so happened that when I started this site I was a Team Beachbody® Coach (a distributor of the network marketing portion of Beachbody®). As of now I am moving on from Beachbody®) to pursue other avenues in fitness. This site will remain the same, just my affiliation with Beachbody® is over.

Several of the posts written since the beginning of this site were geared toward Beachbody® products. I thought about how I should handle this transition of moving away from Beachbody®. Should I go back and delete all posts that have anything to do with the company? Nah. I’m leaving them up. The time I spent as a Team Beachbody® Coach was an important time in my life. I have a great respect for the members of the community, the trainers in the workout videos, and Carl Daikeler, CEO of the company. I feel like I have grown as a person during my time with the company – I just feel God taking me in a new direction now.

What’s next for Glen Gosch Fitness?

For now it will be much of the same – sharing tips, ideas, recipes, videos, etc.

I have a few new concepts I am working on as well; stay tuned to find out what they are…

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