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A Few Tips to NOT Ruin your Diet with Thanksgiving

You have a few options on Thursday (and the rest of the weekend) when it comes to eating:

1. Pig out. Put on a few pounds and get pregnant with a food baby which will take several workout sessions and calorie restrictions to deliver. Spend the following week repairing the Thanksgiving weekend debacle.

2. Eat completely clean. Pie? No thank you. Gravy? Yeah, right! A cocktail? No way. Pass the flatbread (no butter), turkey (no added salt), steamed broccoli, and chase it with a glass of distilled water.


3. Go 50/50. Have a little fun. Butter up a roll, have some potatoes, slap down a hardy portion of turkey, and finish with a slice of pumpkin pie if you like. Skip the potato chips during football, pass on the extra glass of wine, skip your sister-in-law’s Crisco-laden dessert, and no on the deep fried onion green bean casserole. Strive to eat clean for 50% of the day, or the weekend if you want to really let loose. Don’t go for an epic event of gluttony, but forget about counting calories for a couple of days.

I am going for option 3. How about you?

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