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3 Ways to Overcome Being Overweight

There are several factors involved that leads to a person gaining weight. I outlined 3 possible reasons in my last post here. In this article we will touch a little on how to overcome struggles with being overweight.

1. Controlling YOUR supply of food. In the previous post I wrote about the food supply in America contributing to our epidemic of being overweight. We have more fast food restaurants, more junk food in our stores, and more junk in our food altogether than ever before. I don’t think that McDonald’s and Burger King are closing up shop anytime soon and I doubt that when you walk in your grocery store tomorrow that the soda section of the store will be taken out to make room for the expanding produce section. The good news is you have the power to control your own supply of food.

The most simple piece of advice I can give here is to not buy junk food. Duh, right? Follow me here. When it comes to ice cream, cake, cookies, and candy, it does not need be something that we give up for life. These things can be once-in-awhile treats. That said, don’t bargain shop and buy these items in bulk. Say you go to the grocery store and you see ice cream on sale: 2 gallon-size tubs for $7. What a deal! Or you can get the single-serving specialty brand for $3. More bang for your buck with the first deal, right? Sure, if having a ready supply of extra sugar, extra calories, and body fat is a good deal. The same thing goes for soda, alcohol, cake, or anything else. Don’t keep it in your house! You will be tempted to cheat on your diet many places, don’t make your home one of them. The better “deal” is to not have junk food in your house.

2. Control your influences. I had previously mentioned how much advertising we take in each day that is geared toward us purchasing food that is not very good for us. We are bombarded with ads on TV, radio, the Internet – everywhere.

So control what you watch and listen to! Instead of watching TV, read a book – a motivating and inspiring one, if possible. If you’re on the internet, follow, like, and subscribe to sites and businesses that promote healthy eating, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. The more healthy influences that are around you, the better chance you have of sticking with a diet or exercise program and experiencing weight loss for the long-term.

3. Work on you. One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Jim Rohn. He says:

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better”

That is a reality that we all have to face. A diet or nutrition plan is not going to get any better or easier. A workout routine will not magically improve over time. The variable in the equation of you losing weight is YOU. You have to work on yourself; you have to become better if you want to be better.

Another thing I learned from Jim Rohn is this: The power of the word “Until”. How much time do you give a baby to learn to walk? Do you let him or her have a few shots at it, then give up? No! You let them keep trying UNTIL they learn. How many books, how many nutrition books, how many exercise books, how many magazine subscriptions, how many email newsletters subscriptions will you read? How many months or years will you commit to exercise and healthy eating? One? Two? Three? Or UNTIL? Until you can lose 50 pounds, until you can do 50 push ups, until you can wear a swimsuit in public and not feel ashamed – that is where the power is.

Have an area that you struggle with? Leave a comment below…

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