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1 Ridiculously Simple Workout Technique For Beginners

easy_buttonLet’s say for some odd reason you have not done any physical exercise in the past year (or longer). Or maybe you’ve started out at a gym, but the weight loss that you’ve been longing for has just not come.


I have a simple workout technique that I will show you today that will set you far ahead of most people that are wasting their time at the gym doing exercises that don’t work.


This is so easy that you can apply this technique today even if you have not done any exercise in the last 10 months, or the last 10 years.


With this technique, you’ll see how you can burn more calories (and therefore more fat) than people spending endless hours on treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines.


I’ll explain this now, in a way you that is easy to understand, so you can use this fat-burning, muscle-toning technique over and over again.


So if losing some fat is on your agenda in the coming months, stay with me with for literally a few minutes on this quick read.


This is a bit of an interactive article, so I need you to do me a favor…


Think of an upper body exercise.


What did you think of? A push up? A bench press? Some sort of weightlifting exercise or a strength training machine? Good. Keep that in your head.


Now think of a lower body exercise.


What did you think of? A squat? A lunge? Any variety of a machine that targets your legs? Okay. Remember that exercise too.


Good. Now that you have an upper body exercise and a lower body exercise in mind…


Here’s that calorie-burning technique you can use:


  1. Do an upper body exercise.
  2. Without rest, do a lower body exercise.
  3. Do another upper body exercise.
  4. Do another lower body exercise.
  5. Rest now, if needed.


That’s it.


Simply switch back and forth between upper body and lower body exercises.


Pretty easy, right?


Why this is so effective


The switching between upper and lower body exercises is a technique called peripheral heart action exercise.


What happens with this is your heart and cardiovascular system work to replenish the oxygen depleted from your upper body muscles when they are worked. Immediately following the upper body exercise, you do a lower body exercise, and now your heart is working hard to get blood flowing to your lower body to replenish oxygen there


Your blood flows up. Your blood flows down. This causes you to have an elevated heart rate.


Now your heart does a happy dance and says, “Thanks    (your name here) for taking care of me and doing this great workout.”


Your muscles say, “Thanks for working on toning us up.”


Then your fat cells say, “Why do you hate us? You’re making us disappear!”


In all seriousness, many of my clients are surprised that this technique can elevate your heart rate as high or higher than putting forth effort on a treadmill or elliptical machine.


The result is your body working hard and burning calories without having to do an extreme fitness class or a hardcore cardio workout.


This peripheral heart action technique can be used by anyone new to fitness looking to get a good workout. It also can add efficiency to your routine if you have been working out for a while and not seeing good results.


Give it a try!

To find out more about PHA exercise, plus discover 2 more easy exercise techniques for beginners, and also the #1 thing to avoid when starting any exercise plan, check out the eBook below for free.


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