Food Prep Day: Preparing to eat healthy for (most of) the week

Published on August 30, 2014 by in Healthy Eating

Alright, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about nutrition lately and the importance of nutrition in weight loss. How do I eat eat healthy on a budget? How do I eat healthy when my spouse is not on board? How can I stay consistent with my diet? I plan on addressing these and other questions in an upcoming video series, but for now I want to give you a glimpse into one healthy habit I have adopted, and that is preparing food ahead of time to make eating healthy a little easier throughout the week.

Typically, when I am really dialing in my diet, I like to prepare most of my meals for the week on Sunday. They might not all be fully prepared, but I get things set up for meals and snacks for the whole family. It takes an investment of a couple hours, 1 day per week. Believe me, it makes all the difference in the world to help me stay on track.

Last Sunday I snapped a few pictures while I was doing my food prep. Again, this is a snippet of what I have planned for my upcoming video series, but hopefully you can walk away with some good ideas from this blog.

First, here’s a look at what my counter looks like when I’m about to start prepping. It is important to have several of this items on hand in order to be set up for success when preparing food.

S4 Download 992

Here’s a checklist, which I think every kitchen should have: Read more…

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News from Summit and New Promotions

Published on June 24, 2014 by in Uncategorized

I thought about sending out a giant, jam-packed email with all of the new information I got from this last week’s Beachbody Summit in Las Vegas. Instead I made a short video.

The video has some new product announcements and some limited time offers, so be sure to check them out.

To take advantage of any of the information in this video, just go CLICK HERE to sign up for free and browse all of the current promotions.

Or you can click Read more…

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How to Eliminate Man Boobs

It’s not something every guy is comfortable asking, but from time to time I get asked, “How do I get rid of my man boobs.” It’s a valid question, and something a lot of guys are self conscious about, so let’s figure this out.


My first piece of advice is to get a bra, or a “bro”. Nothing fancy, just something to hold the puppies in place. I’m kidding.


First let’s look at the fact if you technically have “boobs.” Most men do not. If you have done steroids in the past or have some sort of hormonal imbalance from a medical condition, then you may have a varying case of gynecomastia, which is the technical name for man boobs. There are various hormonal conditions that can cause this in grown men. It can also occur in infants and boys going through puberty, but will usually subside over a brief period of time in these cases. Older men may also develop some form of gynecomastia as they age and testosterone levels drop.


Most men with the appearance of man boobs actually have Read more…

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Is the Beachbody Coaching Thing a Scam?

Published on June 17, 2014 by in Earn Money

Well, I guess the question of the Beachbody coaching opportunity being a scam is mostly coming from people skeptical of network marketing and MLM’s. And yes, Team Beachbody is a network marketing vessel of Beachbody, the creator of P90X, Insanity, and other tops selling fitness programs.

There will always be skeptics. But let me do my best to give you the REALITY of the Beachbody Coaching opportunity.


Let’s first look at why people sign up to be a coach. In my four years as a coach, I have seen that people sign up to be a coach for several different reasons:


1. To get a discount on products – if you are getting Shakeology, why not get it at 25% off?

2. To make some extra money - if you are already telling your friends about the great results you got with your workouts and Shakeology, why not get paid a little for the recommendation?

3. To build a business and Read more…

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The Pull Up Progression

Published on April 11, 2014 by in Fitness

“The Pull Up Progression”


One of the questions I often get asked is how to do/modify/accomplish the pull up exercise. When I first started P90X several years ago, pull ups were a struggle for me. I couldn’t do one, well, maybe one really ugly one if I flailed my body around doing a fish-out-of-water dance to get my chin over the bar. Fast-forward to today and my recent best is 22 standard grip pull ups. Below I’ll offer some tips on how to go from “I can’t do pull ups” to doing several reps.


First, let’s look at the ways to modify pull ups in order of difficulty (easiest first) Read more…

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This Dude Called Me Flabby

P90X2ResultsCutoutThis Dude Called Me “Flabby”


The other day this dude said I look “a little flabby around the waist.” Really? He also said that I needed to “tighten up and look ripped” if people are going to take me seriously as a fitness trainer.  Was he being harsh? I don’t know. Maybe I do need to tighten things up, look more like a fitness model, and try to get my body fat down to a more respectable level. After all, isn’t that what people want? The six-pack abs, the ripped body, the physique that turns heads at the beach?


Let me tell you about this guy that so blatantly pointed out my flaws. He’s the same jerk that has repeatedly pointed out every little thing that is wrong with me for the past 4 years. Even after I lost over 50 pounds of fat. Even after I worked hard to complete P90X (multiple times); even after I completed a round of Insanity; even after I trained for 6 months in a Muay Thai gym; even after I went on strict diet of no gluten, no refined sugar, no alcohol, no caffeine, no processed food, and very moderate meat consumption for 6 months – this guy always looks at me and says, “Not good enough.” This guy is me.


There’s a saying that says, “We are our own worst critics.” Isn’t that the truth? You want to know how many people have called my “fat” or “flabby” in the last 4 years? Zero. On the contrary, I’ve heard all kinds of “you look greats” and even “you look amazings.”


I remember last summer I was hanging out with my sister in-law, and she asked if I wanted some sort of treat (I don’t even remember what it was). I told her, “No, I’m really eating clean right now to lose a little more fat.” She kind of gave me a look and asked Read more…

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6 Words Re-defined by Insanity

Published on February 27, 2014 by in Uncategorized

InsanityLogo1If you have ever done the Insanity workout, you may have had your definition of “intense exercise” re-defined. Insanity claims to be one of the “hardest workouts ever put on video” and it lives up to its name. Below are some words that you thought you knew the definition of – until you did Insanity.


Cardio – Exercise that stimulates the cardiorespiratory system is what you thought of the term cardio. Insanity definition: exercise that brings a near lung explosion.


Interval Cardio – Short bursts of intense cardio exercise, followed by longer periods of less-intense cardio or rest. No! The Insanity definition of interval cardio: long periods intense cardio (actual lung explosion) followed by a brief period of regular cardio.


Warm-up – You thought a warm-up was an easy beginning to a workout; some easy jogging, jumping jacks, stretches, real light weight lifting, etc. The Insanity definition of “warm-up” is: Read more…

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Finding BIG Motivation to Work Out

BigFootI’ll be honest – lately I’ve been having a hard time finding motivation to work out. I mean, I like working out and it has been a hobby of mine for most of my life, but for whatever reason lately the motivation has been lacking. Maybe it’s the short Alaska days, long nights, or whatever they are. You see, where I live the sun comes out around 10:30 and it sets around 5 or so, but the sunrise is a SLOW rise. It looks like dusk for a good 45 minutes before it actually looks like full-blown daylight. Same thing at night, a slow dissention with an hour of gloominess before total dark descends across the sky. I think I miss the sun. Maybe that’s why I’ve been having a hard time with my workouts.


I was thinking that I might have to go on feeling like this for another month or so until the days start getting a little longer and the sun brings a much needed boost of energy and cheer. I was thinking that next 4 weeks or so would be workout after workout of grogginess, dragging myself to even pop in a P90X DVD let alone execute plyometric push ups and corn cob pull ups. But all of that changed recently when I found the motivation I had been looking for. I found something to train for, something that reignited my burning passion to build muscle and strength. That something is to capture Bigfoot. Read more…

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Should, Could, Don’t or Should, Could, Do

Published on January 12, 2014 by in Motivation

Jim Rohn is one of my favorite authors and speakers, and I often quote him because a lot of the principles he taught relate well to health and fitness. One of my favorite fundamentals he taught was the formula for disaster and formula for success. The formula for disaster is: Should, Could, Don’t (or Won’t, Didn’t). The formula for success is Should, Could, Do (or Will, Did). Mr. Rohn once said, “If you should walk around the block for your health, and you could walk around the block for your health, and you don’t walk around the block; if you should eat an apple a day, if you could eat an apple a day, and you don’t – you have to be satisfied with your own poor health and cardiovascular disaster.”


Isn’t that true?


Below I have assembled some other situations where the Should, Could, Don’t and Should, Could, Do principles hold true.


If you should exercise, you could exercise, and you don’t exercise – you have to accept being fat and out of shape.


If you should treat your spouse with the same love and affection you showed on your first date, and you can show your spouse that same that same affection, but you don’t – you have to be satisfied with a poor marriage and lack of intimacy. Read more…

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BM(Freaking)I – How accurate is the Body Mass Index?

UntitledThe Body Mass Index (BMI) chart is used to gauge a healthy weight for people and used by a lot of doctor’s offices, personal trainers, dieticians, and other health professionals, but is the BMI flawed? How accurate is the BMI chart, and should you use it to determine your level of health?


What is BMI?


BMI is a calculation to determine one’s healthy weight by taking into account height vs. weight. The calculation is then compared on a chart to determine if you are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese.


Here is how you can calculate BMI: Read more…

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